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Jiuzi Square

Wuhu is located in the downtown area. Place the mountain - Zheshan, facing the lake - Mirror Lake, Pro Road - Beijing Road, near the street - Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, prime location, wide vision, a beautiful environment. Place overall for the north to south, from west to east, to the water and to stress the positive. Where people can either listen to concerts, but also in open woods, water play, but also in the underground shopping, cultural and historical understanding of Wuhu. ... View Detail

Mirror Lake

Tao Tong, formerly known as Mirror Lake, located in the urban centers, sub-something lakes, the water up to two hundred acres, a famous patriotic poet from the Southern Song Dynasty, the scholar Zhang Xiaoxiang "A donation of field acres, the Department made Lake." The lesson because of its clear water, the shape of round mirror, "all forms of water but does not compete Jian", named "Mirror Lake." Mirror Lake by ocher mountains, near the Eagle Water to "ring species of willow," and the ... View Detail

Kui Tan Lake

Nanling County is located in the north, close by 205 national highway, only 16 km away from Wuhu City, the total area of nearly 700 hectares, the largest lake in Wuhu City. "Three Kingdoms" period, Kui Tan Lake was the first magistrate Yu Nanling important place for naval training, Soochow famous tomb of Huang Gai measured in the lake, and its rich cultural landscape. Kui Tan Lake known as the "land of plenty," said. Set of natural landscape and cultural landscape in one. Kui Tan lake with ... View Detail

Maren Qi Peak Scenic Area

The whole area by the Sun Mountain, Moon Mountain, composed of two peaks, both the relative and connected the two mountains, a yin and yang exist side by side. Qifeng repeatedly, realistic image. Qifeng Eighteen toward the South China Sea Maren Yun eighteen lined the east wall of the pinnacle, pinnacle patchwork, tall, short, fat, thin, such as eighteen and shapes of the Ocean, they laughing, you struggle to catch me, driving clouds, to worship the Goddess of Mercy then the South China Sea ... View Detail

Zhe Mountain

Zheshan constituted by the size of the two mountains, the high mountains, beautiful scenery, is the climb distance, overlooking the River City';s position. After the Song Dynasty, the temple nunnery foot ocher buildings, built community pub food, however, has always been ownerless Zheshan hills, whenever war or famine, repeated destruction of Zheshan landscape. Ocher ocher tower is located in the park';s "Jiuhua palace" backyard, built in Northern Song Zhiping years (1065). Tower for the ... View Detail

Heng Shan Lang

Is located in Wuhu County Xihe, only 25 km away from Wuhu City, Qingyi around, water and land transportation is convenient, as it Jiejia leisure and entertainment, the development of tourism has its own unique advantages. Heng Shan Lang verdant trees, confrontation between the two peaks, often under the store resembled Langfang, near a bomb Township Hill, built east of the White Horse Temple, built in the south when Emperor Wu Xing Yun Temple, Baiyun Temple next to pool, pool under is on behalf ... View Detail

Tao Xin Aqua

Located in Wuhu County, about 20 kilometers away from the city. Qingyi Wanting over, within the vertical and horizontal drains, clear water surrounded by the year 1999 constitutes a distinctive "Tao Xin Aqua" was named one of the ten Wuhu City, in 2002, "Tao Xin Aqua" Tourism in the State Administration for Trademark up, the area has potential for further construction. Yun Tao Xin scenic area of 81.8 square kilometers of water, water criss-crossing the region, was "gossip"-shaped distribution, ... View Detail


Big Town is located in the territory of Wuhu Jiujiang Qu, thousands of years, Yamagata Tianmenshan water potential and its unique history, rich history and cultural heritage attracts celebrities, and the poet to travel Ode, the famous Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai traveled here many times , leaving the "look Tianmenshan" This is the first popular quatrains: "God opened the door interrupted Chujiang, clear water far back east, relatively out of both sides of Castle Peak, one at the side of a boat to ... View Detail

Gerry natural beauty of small

Nanling County in Anhui Province in the south, 35 km from the county seat. Closely follows the 318 National Road, convenient transportation. The total area of nearly 10 square kilometers area, where lush forests, good vegetation, flora and fauna is rich in resources, plants all over, the same latitude as the Earth';s last remaining original secondary forest. Here undulating ridges and peaks, and ancient Bishan sea, Mu Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai was living in this, leave the "Mountain of Questions ... View Detail

Ah Stone Mountain flowers

Located in the south of the Yangtze, He Wanzhen Nanling County, located in Tongling, Chizhou, Wuhu three cities at the junction of superior location, convenient traffic, 205,318 State Road at this intersection, Copper yellow, along the high-speed area 14 kilometers away from the intersection of , 35 km away from the Nanling, Wuhu 77 km, 190 km Hefei, Nanjing, 180 km, 70 km Xuancheng, Shanghai, 380 km, 45 km Tongling, Jiuhuashan 58 km, 130 km Huangshan. Scenic area of 25 square kilometers, is ... View Detail