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Is located in Wuhu County Xihe, only 25 km away from Wuhu City, Qingyi around, water and land transportation is convenient, as it Jiejia leisure and entertainment, the development of tourism has its own unique advantages. Heng Shan Lang verdant trees, confrontation between the two peaks, often under the store resembled Langfang, near a bomb Township Hill, built east of the White Horse Temple, built in the south when Emperor Wu Xing Yun Temple, Baiyun Temple next to pool, pool under is on behalf of the Lake, as a fairy rock.

Wang Toi Shan, the gold Legend of gas, gas Emeishan silver, copper gas Putuo Mountain, Jiuhuashan iron gas, Heng Lang Jade Mountain and four gas more gas, it is to hang Lang Jiuhuashan mountain birthplace of Buddhist incensePeak. There are two built Mirage, flesh Hall, fifth house, Anchor public house, Wat Temple, the temple of years, such as Taiwan. After years of baptism, was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, some monasteries have been destroyed, are still male Heng Li Lang Pagoda Mountain.

Heng Lang mountain peak elevation of 301.4 meters, is the highest peak in Wuhu County, throughout the history of this temple, Incense smoke, "Little Jiuhua" reputation and "feel out the Buddha Jiuhua Heng Lang," said. Lang Heng Ming Dynasty Wanli';s tower, the bottom area of 11.6 square meters, about 29 meters, seven six sides, made of special large bluestone bricks, each layer has a round arch on each side, in 1991 the county government will enamel Heng tower as the "Key cultural relics protection units in the county, "and strengthening the base of the tower restoration. In recent years, private fund-raising in the original temple site who built a Huayan, Goddess of Mercy Temple, and Main Hall, strong incense.