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70F ~ 86F
Cloudy To Thundershowers
E at To 20km/h
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Wuhu is located in the downtown area. Place the mountain - Zheshan, facing the lake - Mirror Lake, Pro Road - Beijing Road, near the street - Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, prime location, wide vision, a beautiful environment.

Place overall for the north to south, from west to east, to the water and to stress the positive. Where people can either listen to concerts, but also in open woods, water play, but also in the underground shopping, cultural and historical understanding of Wuhu.

Jiuzi Square, the most attractive center of the square where they stand 33 meters high bronze sculpture, this statue is the ancient name of Wuhu "Jiuzi" bird as the originalType, to be designed by the art of exaggeration. Nine Jiuzi various poses of the birds, one by one is like wings to fly. Top hold up a ball, like a hold up the hope of Wuhu. The sculpture both grave and give the enjoyment of art. Sculpture is surrounded by dozens of branches emitted water column, the color of silver, shaped like a sword, straight into the sky, and totally days as a bronze sculpture, "Dove Top Zerui" landscape plaza north of the most distinctive and unique charm undoubtedly the historical and cultural corridor. It is supported by 24 pillars, each pillar of the walls are carved with delicate designs. These stone, a blend of Jiuzi humanities, Wuhu long history and splendid cultureOf concentrated load - a Eurasian origin of mankind, "the word hole"; the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze smelting Nanling mountain scene work; are go-getters Moye; a lead in the Yu Jiang.

Square both sides of a number of things circular flower beds and lawns, flower beds, there are blooming azaleas, crape myrtle flowers, lily ... no name ... there are many flowers. Better to see the garden is arranged into various patterns. Green grass like a carpet, set off these flowers more colorful. Mirror Lake near the water at the Plaza and the size of the rows and planted with trees, a tall plane, pine tall and straight, straight, poplar, willow willowy.