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The whole area by the Sun Mountain, Moon Mountain, composed of two peaks, both the relative and connected the two mountains, a yin and yang exist side by side. Qifeng repeatedly, realistic image.


Eighteen toward the South China Sea

Maren Yun eighteen lined the east wall of the pinnacle, pinnacle patchwork, tall, short, fat, thin, such as eighteen and shapes of the Ocean, they laughing, you struggle to catch me, driving clouds, to worship the Goddess of Mercy then the South China Sea , hence the name "Eighteen Lohan toward the South China Sea."

Lu Feng

Peak position of the right side of the head protruding, and that Weibi eyesNose and the most representative word Lu Xun Hu, vividly. The left chest, hands, legs, totally composed of "The mountains are one person, who is the mountain" and the rare natural scenery.

wonderful flower pen

In these magnificent mountains, there is a delicate exquisite, like a mountain of a slate pencil, pen point to the sky, it seems that it is preparing to portray the air. Therefore, the peaks have a "magic pen flower" reputation.

mother Wife

Slender mountain, like a young woman, standing still, the left is wrapped in the baby in the tent pocket to reveal a small face; the right is the young woman, Wearing long hair, is holding the baby to play in the intimate play. This is the world';s most holy "mother love." This mountain is called "mother and Wife."

Luotuo Feng

Luotuo Feng lying green leaves like a camel, that slight tilt of the head, back arched bimodal, askew leisurely manner, just like a return of the Bactrian camel expedition peaks.

Tongling is located south of the Yangtze, Nanling, Fanchang junction of three counties, ranking tourism zone in central Anhui, Wuhu City, Anhui Province is the only provincial-level forest parks, exotic landscape, rich cultural heritage, known as "Anhui Zhangjiajie, Riverside Little Huangshan "TheSaid.