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E at To 20km/h
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Nanling County in Anhui Province in the south, 35 km from the county seat. Closely follows the 318 National Road, convenient transportation. The total area of nearly 10 square kilometers area, where lush forests, good vegetation, flora and fauna is rich in resources, plants all over, the same latitude as the Earth';s last remaining original secondary forest. Here undulating ridges and peaks, and ancient Bishan sea, Mu Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai was living in this, leave the "Mountain of Questions and Answers" name poem, the poet praised by the scenic landscape. The poem "Do not the mortal world" is a compliment here is Li Bai of Tang Dynasty Shixian fairyland. "Peaks contention beauty, myriad youth exchange flows", Spring Lake converging to a number of pools, known as "Five with pool, "size" Heavenly Lake. "Temple, the ancient oil, salt, climbing up and down easily.

Sunny day, the scenery matched, green as the sea; hazy, the peaks of diffuse cloud cover fog, picturesque. More mountain cave, "Kowloon Palace," the most amazing, not only rocks Gerry Xiuse strange image of thousands of stalagmites, but also dry, water tunnel to the other; dry holes are there, there is a Hall Lane; tunnel with a clean round Lake, a curtain falls. The cave air is fresh, the breeze blowing gently is more unusual. Gerry seasons and pleasant weather, quiet and elegant, the spring flowers can be tea, summer can be fishing summer and autumn can climb Yin Hung, winter can Taxue plum </ P>