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Tao Tong, formerly known as Mirror Lake, located in the urban centers, sub-something lakes, the water up to two hundred acres, a famous patriotic poet from the Southern Song Dynasty, the scholar Zhang Xiaoxiang "A donation of field acres, the Department made Lake." The lesson because of its clear water, the shape of round mirror, "all forms of water but does not compete Jian", named "Mirror Lake." Mirror Lake by ocher mountains, near the Eagle Water to "ring species of willow," and the attractions side, "celebrities who can not win total Ode." Lai Chun and Japan, one thousand pine, million Rose, falls swaying, reflecting water, like a natural ink volume. Boating lake, picturesque. Walk through the misty rain misty rain in the pier, but see a lake of mist, full embankment Yan Liu, there are indeed "Jiuzi smoke water to", "In Little Penglai" feeling;

Staying view Atrium, lean on a railing balcony Zheshan, lakes and mountains, "Amidst the abnormal," "Hill flew like smoke filled embankment" scenes, "suddenly the most secluded place in the Wuling" feeling, can be body odor. At night, neon flashing lights around the dike, is dreamlike. Mirror Lake Scenic Area is open, pavilions the sea, bridges promenade exchange; Xiliu set off, the Wuhu Ji Xiaoyun from the statue of famous historical and cultural, Ying, Hong melting library, Wang Buwen pavilion and other embellishment ; all kinds of modern buildings erected around the lake, so that the "Mirror Lake Xiliu" this famous historical city landscape and added a rich flavor, modernScenery.