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Zheshan constituted by the size of the two mountains, the high mountains, beautiful scenery, is the climb distance, overlooking the River City';s position. After the Song Dynasty, the temple nunnery foot ocher buildings, built community pub food, however, has always been ownerless Zheshan hills, whenever war or famine, repeated destruction of Zheshan landscape.

Ocher ocher tower is located in the park';s "Jiuhua palace" backyard, built in Northern Song Zhiping years (1065). Tower for the masonry structure, five-story hexagonal, each containing a brick wall are statues, legends wind had blown the top of the tower, rain drain more than a day flying cauldron suddenly buckle in the top of the tower, no longer leaking.

Wen Ji Temple Tower and ocher, Shu Tin House, Charming Garden, the tomb of the civilian educator David Liu, Dai Anlan Japanese star even as a tomb and other famous historical site, reflect each other, forming a beautiful scenic city.

Zheshan Park area now are: Ning Fong Yuen, Begonia Garden, Rhododendron Garden, Guihua Shan, Plum Blossom Hill, Cherry Hill.

Garden view are: Charming Garden, Shu Tin House, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, burn tower, poly pavilion, "River picturesque" Square, Millennium Pavilion, condensate Fong Yuen, Rose Garden.

Cultural attractions: Zhongshan Hall, Mr. Liu Xiping tomb, Tomb Dai Anlan statue of Mao Zedong.

Amusement attractions: the zoo, children';s playground, children';s Fun City, the car market.

Zhe Mountain currently three major areas: Zheshan Park, Guangji, land and village tea museum.


Railway station, bus station to the park a lot of Zheshan bus lines 11, 8-way, 3 way, 4 way, station name, "Zhe Mountain Park", a taxi within 10 yuan.

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