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Shangqiu People';s Park

Founded in 1958, located in the urban Northeast, with a total area of 35.24 hectares, the garden path and Youth Road at this intersection. Many bus routes through the park, location. Pack Creek Park and had to wear, natural to the front of the whole garden is divided into flowers, animals, and the rear viewing area east of Garden Lake District, is currently the only major Shangqiu comprehensive park. In recent years, the transformation of People';s Park after a large-scale construction, the ... View Detail

Yellow River

Yellow River flows through the first two years of Shangqiu is Song Shaoxing, Jin Taizong days will be ten years (1132). Five years of the Qing Xianfeng (1855) diverted north migration, flows through the territory of a total of 723 years Shangqiu. Now, here left a magnificent Yellow River. Is known as the "water wall" so the Yellow River dike, built in Jiajing twenty-five years before (AD 1546), Ming and Qing dynasties frequently upgrading, it said "Ming Yellow River levee," So far, 450 years ... View Detail

Strong Regret Hall

Shangqiu city in the north door, for the Ming and Qing Hou wit a book at the prime of life, is a clear three dark, after the package before the upper and lower layers of the hard mountain-style architecture. In 2005, there are three groups produced a total of 12 wax figures, with Hou and Chang';s wife, Xiangjun brush piano, snow scenes, etc. Court of thing. From private collections and has nearly a hundred pieces of ancient furniture, ceramic utensils during display. Hou also rebuilt his ... View Detail

Mulan Temple

Mulan Temple is located 35 km south county business, Yucheng Town, Zhou Village profile. The Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the Jin, Yuan and Qing was rebuilt each generation. Mulan Temple has an area of million square meters, with the door, hall, Xiandian, after the House and allocated units and so on. Yingzisashuang large hall with statues of military uniform, Mulan and Mulan father';s military service records, warrior, triumphant return of the sculpture and of painting. Two-Cinei a ... View Detail

Shangqiu Baiyun Si

Henan Province is located 20 kilometers southwest of the county civil rights clouds coke, that is, the county civil rights Baiyun Si village. Temple faces south, along the central axis before and after by the Skanda Temple, Main Hall,; the right side of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the left side of the meditation hall, a total of more than sixty rooms. Arhat Temple which Miankuo five, Dan Yan Shan-style hanging gray Panwa and yellow glazed tile roof, with the platform. Five rooms on each ... View Detail

Temple Shangqiu Chong Law

Wing County is located in Temple site Chengguan Dongbei Yu Chong Law (now the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery) above. Temple built in the Tang, Song Shaosheng tower was built in two years (1095). Temple spent a long time, Tasha does not exist. Renovated in 1958 to restore the old concept on behalf of Song 2. 34.6 m high tower reflects, as the provincial key cultural relics protection units. View Detail

Tomb Shangqiu neutrinos

Sub-micro-micro-Island in the northwest of the tomb on a hill, elevation 91.6 m, the mountain is not high, but it is the island';s highest point, the mountain is named for the tomb of micro-son, named Mountain Lake because of the county is also due to Hill and the title. Neutrinos, the name Kai, is the eldest son of Yandi Yi, Yan Zhou Wang Shu-brother of the same mother. Neutrinos for the Song ancestor was buried Song Yi to stay (stay in the county seat, within this micro-Mountain Island Lake) ... View Detail

Zhang Xun Temple

Located in Shangqiu city outside the South, is to commemorate the "Rebellion" in the defense of the heroic martyrdom of Sui Yang and Zhang Xun built. This hall was built in 1990, covers an area of 40,700 square meters, 370 meters north to south and from east to west and 100 meters wide from south to north for the plaza area, building area and the burial in the garden areas of three parts, the whole magnificent building, Majestic, Central Plains region is the largest Tang-style architecture. ... View Detail

City of Mount Dangshan Wing

Shangqiu city located 80 kilometers east the territory of the eternal city, Henan Province is located in the eastern border of the city forever, and Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu provinces adjacent to, known as the gateway to the East of Henan Province, said. Throughout the city the land forever, "the North Mountain Dang Zhi, drain water, South Central, Xu Huai east, west, Liang and Song, closed-door lock and key are two rivers, the West Chu throat based insurance, though partial eup of Maps, the ... View Detail

Business Qiuzhang Fei Chai

Mount Dangshan Xifeng, the local people called Zhang Village, Xifeng Zhaiqiang inside and outside the two are the use of natural Yamagata, with bluestone Leiqi made. South residues outside Zhaiqiang 0.5 to 1 meter, 1 meter wide wall, north-south length of 250 meters, 900 meters circumference; Zhaiqiang within about 40 meters north-south east-west width of 25 meters, 130 meters circumference. Outside the Village of Western Wall with Zhang Fei "horses Spring", the legendary Zhang Fei where water ... View Detail