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Located in Shangqiu city outside the South, is to commemorate the "Rebellion" in the defense of the heroic martyrdom of Sui Yang and Zhang Xun built. This hall was built in 1990, covers an area of 40,700 square meters, 370 meters north to south and from east to west and 100 meters wide from south to north for the plaza area, building area and the burial in the garden areas of three parts, the whole magnificent building, Majestic, Central Plains region is the largest Tang-style architecture.


Zhang Xun (709--757 years), Henan Province, in the Chin Dynasty Kaiyuan reign third, Tang Zhide years (AD 757) the first month, securityHistory of the rebel attack 13 million, led by the Yin Ziqi suiyang City, when the city is the north-south traffic fort Sui Yang, the military of the throat, the rebels attempt to overcome the Suiyang, JAC rich land seized in that despite the critical moment, Zhang pretty patrol force out of 6,800 soldiers led by the only rebel against 13 million to start a shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ Suiyang to defend the city. Finally, although the Zhongguaxuanshu, food aid must try and fail, but it effectively curb the rebels south, to keep half of the Tang and Southeastern huge financial resources, for the Tang Dynasty counterattack won valuable time and material security.

Dynasty poet Han YuDefend the war in the evaluation of Sui Yang said, "no Suiyang that is, without JAC, no Suiyang that is, without Datang" and its importance, Wen Tianxiang, a "cursed thieves Zhang Xun, Xu Yuan Aijun, sacrificing reputation vancomycin Hong, "the poem is to Pass through the ages.

As Zhang Xun stick Suiyang active after his death, the court Chao Yang presented his State of viceroy. Song Grand (1107--1110 years) years, Cijue Hou, Shi Valiant. Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan has always been revered by others, since the Tang Dynasty, the temple was built many people Sui Yang, Temple commemorating two achievements. Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Taiwan have more than 700 million admirers Zhang Xun, Zhang Xun Temple 1 thousand seat. Tickets