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Sub-micro-micro-Island in the northwest of the tomb on a hill, elevation 91.6 m, the mountain is not high, but it is the island';s highest point, the mountain is named for the tomb of micro-son, named Mountain Lake because of the county is also due to Hill and the title.

Neutrinos, the name Kai, is the eldest son of Yandi Yi, Yan Zhou Wang Shu-brother of the same mother. Neutrinos for the Song ancestor was buried Song Yi to stay (stay in the county seat, within this micro-Mountain Island Lake) Dongshan, the term of the present micro-mountain on the island. His descendants, the Yin surname, according to the tomb door, Kai as Yin ancestor.

Tomb of micro sub-round, 10 meters high, bottom diameter of 7.5 meters. Tomb stone 4. The middle of the main monument (high 2.23 meters, 0.88 meters wide, 0.18 m thick) body for the Chinese prime minister Kuangheng inscription "Yin neutrinos tomb," written banners Nanchang Wei Mei Fu Zhuan "Ren reference than Kei." Phrase from the "Analects of Confucius. Micro-child ":" micro-pieces to it, Jizi whom slaves, Bi Gan remonstrance died. Confucius said: ';There are three Yin Yan Yan';. "Bei Yin has small print and difficult to recognize.