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Shangqiu city in the north door, for the Ming and Qing Hou wit a book at the prime of life, is a clear three dark, after the package before the upper and lower layers of the hard mountain-style architecture.
In 2005, there are three groups produced a total of 12 wax figures, with Hou and Chang';s wife, Xiangjun brush piano, snow scenes, etc. Court of thing. From private collections and has nearly a hundred pieces of ancient furniture, ceramic utensils during display. Hou also rebuilt his father, the Ministry of Shang Ming Hou Xun';s former residence, from a large number of people collecting ancient artifacts.

Hou (1618--1655), the word Chaozong, Xue Yuan Road, Shangqiu people. Came from courtiers grandfather Hou Po as the executive too Attendants Qing Ming, HOU Xun Father of the Ministry for the Book is not clear, uncle Imperial College, Nanjing Ming Hou Ke Ji Jiu. Po executive designate, Hou Xun, Hou Ke is the progress at that time head of the Donglin party, and Wei Zhongxian the Yandang irreconcilable.
Hou by their fathers and influence of education, took part in the progressFu She patriotic groups, and Wei Zhixian';s remnants have embarked on an active struggle. Kabuki Qinhuai name of Hou Li Xiangjun attracted to each other, and to support his expose and criticize Yandang. Hou and Li Xiangjun love story, was compiled in the Qing Dynasty dramatist';s plays Kong in the Novel, "Peach Blossom Fan" by a variety of operas staged than the play, but also onto the screen and the screen, a lot of influence, as the history of Chinese drama a monument.
After the fall of the Ming dynasty, thirty-year-old Hou Fang City back Duguid home. To recall your experience ups and downs as the cause of nothing, remorse, then structure an emergency room, namedStrong regret for the church, which means middle-aged regret and vowed life Bushi. Regret Hall in his strong commitment to research knowledge, creative poetry. Where completed his "strong regret Hall Collection," and the "Four Books Yi Tang Collection" two text book. Thirty-year-old, because of grief and longing Xiangjun national affairs, fall ill Shunzhi eleven years in the Dec. 13 death.