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Zone C - It is 104.3 hectares (about 0.4 square mile), including national pavilions of countries from Europe, America and Africa as well as pavilions of international organizations. Apart from these, a public amusement park of about 10 hectares is to be built in front of the entrance.

Africa Joint Pavilion          
African Union Commission Pavilion     Benin Pavilion Botswana Pavilion     Burundi Pavilion     Cameroon Pavilion Cape Verde Pavilion     Central African Pavilion     Chad Pavilion     Comoros Pavilion     Republic of the Congo Pavilion     C?te d'Ivoire     Pavilion Democratic Republic of the Congo Pavilion     Djibouti Pavilion     Equatorial Guinea Pavilion     Eritrea Pavilion     Ethiopia Pavilion     Gabon Pavilion     Gambia Pavilion     Ghana Pavilion     Guinea Pavilion     Guinea-Bissau Pavilion     Kenya Pavilion Lesotho Pavilion     Liberia Pavilion     Madagascar Pavilion     Malawi Pavilion     Mali Pavilion     Mauritania Pavilion     Mauritius Pavilion     Mozambique Guinea Pavilion     Namibia Pavilion      Niger Pavilion     Rwanda Pavilion     Senegal Pavilion     Seychelles Pavilion     Sierra Leone Pavilion     Somalia Pavilion     Sudan Pavilion     Togo Pavilion     Uganda Pavilion     United Republic of Tanzania Pavilion     Zambia Pavilion     Zimbabwe Pavilion          

Algeria Pavilion    Angola Pavilion    Argentina Pavilion    Austria Pavilion     Belarus Pavilion    Belgium-EU Pavilion     Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion    Brazil Pavilion     Canada Pavilion    

Caribbean Community Pavilion        
Antigua and Barbuda Pavilion     The Bahamas Pavilion Barbados Pavilion     Belize Pavilion     Caribbean Community Pavilion     Caribbean Development Bank Pavilion     Dominica Pavilion     Grenada Pavilion     Guyana Pavilion     Haiti Pavilion     Jamaica Pavilion     Saint Kitts and Nevis Pavilion     Saint Lucia Pavilion     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Pavilion     Suriname Pavilion     Trinidad and TobagoAnt    

Chile Pavilion    Colombia Pavilion    Croatia Pavilion    Cuba Pavilion    Czech Pavilion    Denmark Pavilion    Egypt Pavilion    Estonia Pavilion        

Europe Joint Pavilion I          
Cyprus Pavilion Liechtenstein Pavilion Malta Pavilion San Marino Pavilion    

Europe Joint Pavilion II          
Albania Pavilion    Armenia Pavilion    Azerbaijan Pavilion    Bulgaria Pavilion    Georgia Pavilion    Montenegro Pavilion    Republic of Moldova    The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia      

Finland Pavilion    France Pavilion    Germany Pavilion     Greece Pavilion     Hungary Pavilion     Iceland Pavilion    Ireland Pavilion     Italy Pavilion        

Joint Pavilion of Central and South American Countries      
Bolivia Pavilion Costa Rica Pavilion Dominican Republic Pavilion Ecuador Pavilion El Salvador Pavilion Guatemala Pavilion Honduras Pavilion Nicaragua Pavilion Panama Pavilion Uruguay Pavilion  

Latvia Pavilion    Libya Pavilion    Lithuania Pavilion    Luxembourg Pavilion    Mexico Pavilion     Monaco Pavilion     Netherlands Pavilion     Nigeria Pavilion    Norway Pavilion    Peru Pavilion     Poland Pavilion     Portugal Pavilion     Romania Pavilion     Russia Pavilion     Serbia Pavilion     Slovakia Pavilion     Slovenia Pavilion    South Africa Pavilion     Spain Pavilion     Sweden Pavilion     Switzerland Pavilion     Tunisia Pavilion     Turkey Pavilion     Ukraine Pavilion     United Kingdom Pavilion     USA Pavilion     Venezuela Pavilion

Zone D - Covering an area of 49.7 hectares (about 0.19 square mile), it is the site of Jiangnan Shipyard which is one of the original sites of modern China's national industry. While preserving a group of valuable historical buildings, this area is designed for outdoor public exhibitions and cultural exchange.

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion    Space Home Pavilion     Japanese Industry Pavilion     PICC Pavilion     Oil Pavilion      China Railway Pavilion    Coca-Cola Pavilion     State Grid Pavilion     Cisco Pavilion     Republic of Korea Business Pavilion  Aurora Pavilion

Zone E - Here 25.1 hectares (about 0.1 square mile), there will be stand-alone corporate pavilions, a World Exposition and an Urban Best Practices Area.

Vanke Pavilion    SAIC-GM Pavilion     Space Pavilion     China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion     Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion     Broad Pavilion     Information and Communication Pavilion      

UBPA Display(North)         
Ningbo's UBPA Case    Xi'an's UBPA Case     Makkah's UBPA Case     Vancouver's UBPA Case     Shanghai's UBPA Case     Madrid's UBPA Case     London's UBPA Case    Hamburg's UBPA Case     Alsace's UBPA Case     Rhone-Alpes Pavilion      Macau's UBPA Case     Chengdu's UBPA case     Odense's UBPA Case     Rh?ne-Alpes's light show       UBPA Display(Central)        UBPA Display(South)