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The holding time of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is 10th May. This period is midsummer, high temperature is a big problem which undoubtedly for the World Expo. In order to solve this problem, the concerned department has adopted a series of urban design ecological evaluation.

Urban design ecological evaluation system makes a experiment with the World Expo Garden, the tests including solar radiation, exhaust emission, wind route and so on. For example, In the midsummer, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo was influented by the east Asian monsoon. So most of the architecture in the World Expo Garden not only be build and faced the eastsouthern but the windows were open and faced the the eastsouthern.

Zhiqiang Wu, the producer of Shanghai World Expo, said that making the draught into every architecture was base on the city monsoon. In order to make use the draught, some of the pavilions were adopted the bottom carry empty design, was let the pavilion change into the air deflector. Then even if it was more than 30 degree inside the pavilion, it didn't put on the air-condition and saved the electric. In addition to the monsoon, the sunshine shadow was useful in the pavilion and design of the green.

The Shanghai World Expo green coverage will be more than 40%, offers viewers in shade and resting places at the same time, and they will play the role of the cooling of the park.