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Listed building

According to the planning, in the red line in the park planning area, in addition to the numbers of the modern buildings, about 20% outdated building will be protected and retained; 2 million square meters of total construction area in the old building re-use an area of 380,000 square meters. Including the industrial heritage of the fine old houses built in the Opening of Shanghai and witness the process of China's industrial development.  The most concerned at home and abroad is the South Shipyard, it will be changed again after hold the World Expo, becomes Chinese modern museum group. It will be bright spot of cities in Shanghai and retained.

Shanghai World Expo this initiative has been the affirmation of the UNESCO experts.  Loscertales, Secretary-General of the International Exhibitions Bureau, said the Shanghai World Expo, utilization, protection and follow-up of historic buildings and industrial heritage building area is the largest since the 1851 inaugural World Expo will be held.

Ecological Planning

The fundamental goal of "happy ecological " is to construct a virtuous circle.  Begin with psychological needs and the spirit of interdependence on the natural environment, environmental shapes as the way, promote ecological practice participation, strengthen the ecological awareness, increase environmental protection knowledge and strengthen the people to the natural ecological environment of attention and dependent. "Happy ecological" designs four themes: sports, entertainment, education,ornamental.

Space framework is consist of "a ring, two gardens, five belts and more". "The Ecological Consciousness Ring" is a overall ecological band. The band to construct ecological environment of heterogeneity, include as many of the ecological elements, restore natural environment of the initial condition. Two gardens are the "World Expo Add Green Garden" and "Ecological Education Garden". From the "Five belts", "Ecological Participate in Belt" is a participation in ecological evolution, of the development process of interactive foot path; "The Waves to Swim with Step", that is  the three-dimensional dynamic type leisure walk way, combined with water elevation changes of ups and downs, and with the change of the extension of twists and turns, create the human and the nature of the development of the cure of artistic conception.

Green Building

The establishment of the concept "happy ecological" is base on the green building, Through the construction of technical innovation to the realization of a concept, and achieve the fundamental objective of the harmonious society finally.