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Canada Pavilion
Theme: The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative
Highlights: C-shaped Structure
National Pavilion Day: July 1
Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The Canada Pavilion is shaped like a looped ribbon or the letter "C". Visitors will enter through an open-air public square, the pavilion's centre piece, and then circulate through the larger structure that houses the public displays

Russia Pavilion
Theme: New Russia: City and Citizen
National Pavilion Day: 09-28
Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 square meters
Location: Zone C

Nikolay Nosov, a famous Soviet writer of children's literature, once said that the best city in the world should be the favorite one among children. His flower city, a place in the "Adventures of DUNNO and His Friends," has attracted a great number of people. Following the conception of Nosov, the Russia Pavilion has been designed as an ideal city resembling cites in the fairyland, which will give people the impression of a children's paradise. It features 12 irregularly shaped towers in white, red and gold. A 15-meter-tall central building dubbed the "Civilization Cube" links the towers.

UK Pavilion
Theme: Building on the Past, Shaping Our Future
Highlights: Seed Cathedral, Wrapping Paper, Dandelion
National Pavilion Day: September 8
Location: Zone C

One may well say that the United Kingdom Pavilion is one of the most creative pavilions despite its small size! The pavilion appears unsupported on the square, with 60858 Acrylic Fibers stretched outside and plant seeds at the foot of the fibers. The outstretched fibres sway with the wind altering the pavilion's appearance every minute. Walking through the United Kingdom Pavilion, visitors wander through both nature and technology in perfect unison.

Brazil Pavilion
Theme: Pulsing Cities: Feel the Life of Brazilian Citie
Pavilion Area: Around 2,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The tropical-forest-like Brazil Pavilion shows off the cultural diversity and dynamism of Brazilian cities with the theme "Pulsing Cities: Feel the Life of Brazilian Cities." Brazil invites visitors to touch upon the beat and pulse of its cities. The architectural project of the pavilion was conceived to present visitors with an interactive virtual show, based on audiovisual stimuli using existing models in Brazil, such as the Portuguese Language Museum and Football Museum, for example.

Chile Pavilion
Theme: City of Relations
Highlights: Undulating "Crystal Cup"
National Pavilion Day: September 18
Pavilion Area: 3,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

From an aerial view, the design of the Chile Pavilion resembles an undulating "crystal cup" with irregular wave-like fluctuations. It also conjures an abstract image of ships at sea. The main structure will be constructed of steel and glass. A rectangular brown wood pole will penetrate the "crystal cup" with its side end serving as the entrance to the pavilion.

Mexico Pavilion
Theme: "Living Better" - History and Future
Highlights: Kite Forest
National Pavilion Day: September 16
Pavilion Area: Around 4,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The Mexico Pavilion features a Kite Forest combining colorful kites and green grass, representing the ideas of future urban life as advocated by Mexico. The site will mostly be an open area with an exterior grass slope that creates a large green public space, which embodies ecology, environment protection and peace.

Switzerland Pavilion
Theme: Rural and Urban Interaction
Highlights: Curtain of Woven Aluminium Elements
National Pavilion Day: August 12
Pavilion Area: around 4,000 square meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

A combination of technological insight and beautiful dream - Switzerland Pavilion best shows the characteristics of modern Switzerland, including the pursuit of excellence, innovation and high-quality life, as well as concepts of future facing, forward looking and sustainable development.

USA Pavilion
Theme: Rise to the Challenge
Highlights: Gray Steel Structure
National Pavilion Day: July 2
Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The USA Pavilion is a mammoth gray steel structure meant to resemble an eagle stretching its wings in welcome. The pavilion presents a dynamic and emotional story that conveys four core concepts: sustainability, teamwork, health and the spirit of striving for success. The USA Pavilion is a mammoth gray steel structure meant to resemble an eagle stretching its wings in welcome. The exhibition tells the story of the American spirit of perseverance, innovation, and community-building in a multi-dimensional, hi-tech presentation. It presents the US as a place of opportunity and diversity where people come together to change their communities for the better.

Turkey Pavilion
Theme: The Cradle of Civilization
National Pavilion Day: June 20
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The main inspiration for the exterior of the 2,000-square-meter rented pavilion was derived from one of the first known settlements in the world called "Catalhoyuk" in Turkish, the center of advanced culture in the Neolithic period. The pavilion looks like an amazing red and beige box with an animal sculpture, inviting visitors to explore a maze of dreams.

Ireland Pavilion
Theme: Relationship between Urban and Rural, Man-made and Natural
Highlights: Five Rectangles
National Pavilion Day: June 17
Pavilion Area: Around 2,500 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The architecture of the translucent lantern-like Ireland Pavilion at Expo 2010 is intended to symbolize the relationship between urban and rural, manmade and natural. The exhibition inside sets the creativity of the Irish, their ancient history, vibrant modern culture, educational traditions and technical innovation into the context of a small, but surprisingly varied and beautiful, island. Visitors will be surprised to discover a cultural continuity that goes back to the Stone Age, whilst enjoying a whole range of contemporary audiovisuals, exhibits, displays, readings, music and performances.

Africa Joint Pavilion

Gambia Pavilion
Theme: Changing Our Cities for a Better Life
National Pavilion Day: Jun. 15th

In order to maintain a harmonious relationship between man and nature, and realize the goal of building Gambia into an urbanized country by 2020, Gambia has laid great emphasis on the construction of infrastructures including roads, telecommunications, power and clean water supply. Gambia will continue its efforts to reduce the urban-rural gap and promote coordinated development between its cities and countryside.

Ethiopia Pavilion
Theme: Blended Legacy of Cities: the Ethiopian Experience
National Pavilion Day: Sept.10th

Ethiopia Pavilion will showcase the ancient civilization that has been passed on for centuries, essence of wisdom and urban evolution, as well as how the Ethiopians protect cultural tradition and historic heritage and address the challenges of urbanization.

Namibia Pavilion
Theme: Experiencing Living Diversity
National Pavilion Day: Aug. 26th

Namibia Pavilion sets its theme as 'Experiencing Living Diversity'. Focusing on the three sub-themes of Exploration, Discovery and Dreams, the exhibition showcases Namibia's traditional way of life, the reform of its urban community and the protection of its nature and wildlife. Through the exhibition, a colorful Namibia will be presented to the visitors.

Iceland Pavilion
Theme: Pure Energy - Healthy Living
Highlights: Ice Cube
Designer: Plus Arkitektar
Pavilion Area: Around 500 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

The Iceland Pavilion is decorated as an "Ice Cube" made of backlit printed fabric on the exterior. Ice patterns is visible within a "glacier."