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Plan Concept:

Harmony between man and nature
Harmony between past, present and future
Harmony between human beings


To accord with the theme of "Better City, Better Life"

Convenient transportation

In keeping with the industrial restructuring strategy of Shanghai

Permanent use

More and more people come in the nature and enjoy it. People become pay attention to the green environment arround their life and like the city park full of vigour.

These demand makes the city planning and designers offer many new issues. The success of bidding of the Shanghai World Expo makes a golden oppourtunity to explore and practice. Shanghai World Exop establishes the theme "better city, better life", and comes out the main concept: harmony between man and nature, harmony between past, present and future, harmony between human beings. Amoung the concepts, "harmony between man and nature" shows three coexist of "people, city and nature".

The fundamental goal of "happy ecological " is to construct a virtuous circle.  Begin with psychological needs and the spirit of interdependence on the natural environment, environmental shapes as the way, promote ecological practice participation, strengthen the ecological awareness, increase environmental protection knowledge and strengthen the people to the natural ecological environment of attention and dependent. "Happy ecological" designs four themes: sports, entertainment, education, ornamental.

The scene building has three categories frome different audience: trends, interaction, static state. Dynamic scene to human body initiative, environment for passive body, the activity of person of the center of the building for scene content. Static scene by the environment to active body, human for  passive body, the environmental elements of the display of the scene of the center for constructing content.

The planning of the World Expo Graden is put into the pinciple of "green architecture": resources economy and lower cost, convenient transportation, in keeping with the industrial restructuring strategy of Shanghai, permanent use.