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Netherlands Pavilion
Theme: Happy Street
Highlights: Figure Eight, Distinctive Small Houses
National Pavilion Day: May 18
Pavilion Area: Around 5,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

The Netherlands Pavilion, known as "Happy Street," is constructed in a figure eight - a lucky number that suggests fortune in Chinese culture. It is mainly composed of a 400-meter pedestrian street that curves in a figure of eight and 26 small houses along the street. Built completely on stilts, the street looks like a suspended roller coaster.

Luxembourg Pavilion
Theme: Small Is Beautiful
Highlights: "Pocket-size" Forest and Fortress
National Pavilion Day: October 10
Pavilion Area: Approximately 3,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

Occupying just a small area in the Expo site, the Luxembourg Pavilion is planning on making full use of the limited space by integrating wisdom and imagination to demonstrate its theme of "Small Is Beautiful."

Norway Pavilion
Theme: Norway, Powered by Nature
Highlights: Wood Structure, 15 Model Trees
National Pavilion Day: May 28
Pavilion Area: Around 3,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

A forest from Norway is providing a cool experience for visitors to the 2010 World Expo. Norway's pavilion, with the theme "Norway, powered by nature," was constructed around 15 model trees made from Norway's pine trees and Chinese bamboo. Wood is widely used as a construction material in Norway while bamboo is the traditional construction material in China. The pavilion aims to present an impression that Norway is a livable place, Norwegians' harmonious relationship with nature, their reverence for nature and how nature has provoked Norway's inspiration. Norway hopes to dedicate each tree to different cities in China.

Portugal Pavilion
Theme: Portugal, a Square for the World
National Pavilion Day: June 6
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Exterior curtain walls and interior attaching veneers of the pavilion are all decorate with walls of cork, a Portuguese-sourced, recyclable and environmentally friendly material. The exhibition area is divided into four sections of "moments," while supporting facility areas include a dining area and wine tasting area. Entrance halls, digital screens and theme exhibition areas showcase history, culture, economy and daily lives of Portugal. The relationship between Portugal and China during its history of about five centuries and its influence on modern Portugal are also presented in the pavilion.

Germany Pavilion
Theme: Balancity
Highlights: A City of Harmony and Balance
National Pavilion Day: May 19
Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

It is the epitome of a city, boasting the creation of a "harbor image" and a "dynamic tunnel" with urban scenes from Germany. This is the "Balancity," a magnificent crystallization of Germanic originality and technology. The structure is wrapped in silver membrane. A terraced landscape stretches from the ground level up to the third floor of the pavilion. Four exhibition structures appear to hover, creating a perfect roof for visitors.

Hungary Pavilion
Theme: harmony, creativity and hospitality
National Pavilion Day: August 22
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The Hungarian Pavilion is decorated with more than 1000 wood rods, and visitors will feel they are having a walk in a forest. These wooden rods not only reflect light, but also rise and fall with changing music rhythms to bring visitors both audio and visual impacts.

Belgium-EU Pavilion
Theme: Movement and Interaction
Highlights: "Brain Cell" Structure
National Pavilion Day: June 13
Pavilion Area: Roughly 5,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The warm and calm exterior appearance of the Belgium-EU Pavilion contrasts with its novel and attractive interior decoration. The large-span structure offers a community space, presenting simultaneously a harmonious relationship between introversion and openness. It also includes the European Union Exhibition Hall with an area of 1,000 square meters.

Greece Pavilion
Theme: POLIS, the Living City
National Pavilion Day: June 19
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The pavilion addresses the theme of this year's expo through a human centered approach. Polis, the Greek city constitutes "a city for living well" but also a live, a vibrant city! The design refers to the urban fabric, not as a physical replica, but as an interpretation of living and functioning in the city, as a reminder of the joy of the urban life. It not only exhibits the every day way of life but it also reflects an insatiable thirst for living!

Romania Pavilion
Theme: Greenopolis
Highlights: A "Green Apple" Changing Colors
National Pavilion Day: July 29
Pavilion Area: Around 2,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

The design concept of the Romania Pavilion evolves around the color and environmental implications of "green," inspired by the apple, the most popular fruit in Romania and representing a "green city," healthy life and the concept of sustainable development.

Czech Pavilion
Theme: Fruits of Civilization
Highlights: Simulation Device of Precipitation
Pavilion Area: Around 2,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Under the theme of "Fruits of Civilization," a display will interpret that the birth of city is fruits of civilization. With adoption of technical fruits to create better cities, visitors will discover different fruits of civilization moving from street to street. To explain the theme, the Czech Pavilion will produce a virtual city with spotlight on the use of new technologies.

Estonia Pavilion
Theme: Save City
National Pavilion Day: October 18
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Estonia's pavilion invites you to make your voice be heard on urbanization-related topics: Visitors are given the chance to propose solutions for various problems facing the world's cities, We will introduce ways that everyone can use to make their environment better - ways that are already standard operating procedures in Estonia.

Slovakia Pavilion
Theme: The World of Humanity
National Pavilion Day: September 4
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The pavilion showcases transformation of human beings in a perspective of squares. Entering the pavilion visitors can see spiral stairs which symbolize winding roads of the cities gathering together in the square. Walls with important historical moments of Slovakia enclose the square, which lead visitors back to the old times. Movies about daily urban lives are also played as witnesses of the everlasting change, motion and development of cities.

Peru Pavilion
Theme: Food Breeds the City
National Pavilion Day: July 28
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The pavilion adopts two of the most important architecture materials among Peruvian history: bamboo and soil. Exterior of the pavilion is decorated with bamboo rods, which allow the sunshine to pass through the gaps. The interior displays the diversified cooking traditions of Peru and how they have made great contributions to world cuisine. The transformation of cities through time is also showcased.

Cuba Pavilion
Theme: A City for Everyone
National Pavilion Day: July 26
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The Cuba Pavilion consists of a range of structures such as information bureau, shop and bar. Walking through these buildings, visitors will feel like they are rambling at the center of Cuban towns. The multi-functional public square not only represents the core of Cuban cities, but also demonstrates the theme of the pavilion - providing equal opportunities for every resident and making them involved in urban construction and transformation.

Austria Pavilion
Theme: Austria - Feel the Harmony
Highlights: Red & White Porcelain
National Pavilion Day: May 21
Pavilion Area: Around 2,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

The Austria Pavilion showcases itself by means of dynamic-abstract architecture with a porcelain outer skin in red and white colors. Porcelain is also found in the pavilion's interior design. The porcelain surface elegantly alludes to the century-long tradition of "Chinaware" once exported from China to Europe. In a symbolic way, Austria transports this architectural object back to China with its pavilion, giving expression to the friendship between Austria and China. The color combination of red and white not only displays the colors of the Austrian flag, but also integrates the traditional Chinese color "red" for luck and happiness.

Nigeria Pavilion
Theme: Our Cities: Harmony in Diversity
National Pavilion Day: August 21
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Outer walls of the pavilion resemble Zuma Rock, one of the seven wonders of Africa and so-called gate to the Nigerian capital of Abuja. The pavilion adopts the color of its national flag and waiting halls take the shape of palm trees to reshape the natural scenery of Nigeria. Inside the pavilion are three sections named "Scenery of the West African Coast," "A Peaceful Country on the Rise" and "Business Section." Exhibitions focus on displaying how cities with different cultures, races and cultural heritage share common prosperity and harmony.

State Grid Pavilion
Theme: Innovation Ignites Dreams
Pavilion Day: July 26
Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

The 4,000-square-meter pavilion, named "Magic Box," is designed to be a metallic square with a crystal cube embedded inside. The "Magic Box" is supported by two constructions with grid facade. A solar light system which is composed of 12 mirrors and resembles sunflowers will illuminate the underground part of the pavilion. Making full use of summer wind in Shanghai, a "Tunnel of Electric Current" is installed inside the pavilion, where visitors are expected to have a special experience that feels like moving inside the wires. Covered by LED lights, the box will be shinning with colorful lighting all day around to provide visitors with a visual highlight and special experiences.

Space Pavilion
Theme: "Harmonious City, Human and Outer Space"
Pavilion Area: 3,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

The pavilion looks like a "magic cube" suspended in space. Supported by intricate pillars, it will give a feeling of space disorder and arouse the visitors' desire for exploration. The design tries to convey the concepts of "technology", "energy" and "space" with a sense of simplicity.Based on the core concepts of "sky (outer space), land (city) and man (the explorer and creator)", the pavilion will show how aerospace and electronic technologies promote urban development and improve human life to the fullest extent.Visitors may embark on a joyous journey filled with discovery and inspiration through three exhibition sections - "The Origin of Dreams", "Spacewalk" and "Beautiful Homeland", to get the "real experience" of how people have been trying to explore space.

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion
Name: "Magic Cube" -Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion
Theme: My City, Our Dreams
Pavilion Area: Around 4,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion is an eco-building with intelligent technologies, dream-like atmospheres, and interactive experiences. The architectural design concept is originated from the Taoist theory "A harmonious combination of heaven, earth and man", and "Zhuang Zhou's dream with butterfly," an ancient Chinese romantic story with philosophical meanings. The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion provides visitors with a 17-minute interactive experience in four different zones - Sound of the City, Close to the Huangpu River, Road of Shanghai and Travel to the Future. Using pictures and music, visitors will be encouraged to think about how to make the city's future better.