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Zones - There are five functional zones in the enclosed area-A, B, C, D and E, the first three of which are in Pudong and the remaining two in Puxi.

Theme Pavilions

Theme Pavilions   Urbanian Pavilion    Pavilion of City Being    Pavilion of Urban Planet    Pavilion of Footprint     Pavilion of Future

Zone A - It is 54.9 hectares (about 0.21 square mile), including China Pavilion and national pavilions of countries in Asia except for ASEAN countries.

China Pavilion          

Asia Joint Pavilion I          
Bangladesh Pavilion    Kyrgyzstan Pavilion    Maldives Pavilion      Mongolia Pavilion
Tajikistan Pavilion      Timor-Leste Pavilion

Asia Joint Pavilion II         
Afghanistan Pavilion     Bahrain Pavilion Jordan    Pavilion Palestine       Pavilion Syrian Pavilion    Yemen Pavilion

Asia Joint Pavilion III          
Laos Pavilion Myanmar Pavilion

China's Joint Provincial Pavilion        
Beijing Pavilion     Tianjin Pavilion    Hebei Pavilion       Shanxi Pavilion    Inner Mongolia Pavilion        Liaoning Pavilion    Jilin Pavilion        Heilongjiang Pavilion    Jiangsu Pavilion      Zhejiang Pavilion    Anhui Pavilion        Fujian Pavilion     Jiangxi Pavilion      Shandong Pavilion    Henan Pavilion        Hubei Pavilion    Hunan Pavilion        Guangdong Pavilion    Guangxi Pavilion     Hainan Pavilion    Chongqing Pavilion     Sichuan Pavilion     Guizhou Pavilion     Yunnan Pavilion    Tibet Pavilion    Shaanxi Pavilion    Gansu Pavilion    Qinghai Pavilion   Ningxia Pavilion    Xinjiang Pavilion    Shanghai Pavilion

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Pavilion    Hong Kong Pavilion    India Pavilion   Iran Pavilion    Iraq Pavilion    Israel Pavilion     Japan Pavilion   Kazakhstan Pavilion    Lebanon Pavilion     Macau Pavilion     Morocco Pavilion     Nepal Pavilion     Oman Pavilion     Pakistan Pavilion     Qatar Pavilion     Republic of Korea Pavilion     Saudi Arabia Pavilion      Sri Lanka Pavilion     Taiwan Pavilion    Turkmenistan Pavilion     United Arab Emirates Pavilion    Uzbekistan Pavilion    Vietnam Pavilion Top

Zone B - It is 87.8 hectares (about 0.34 square mile), including the Theme Pavilions, national pavilions of ASEAN and Oceania countries, pavilions of international organizations, Expo Center and Performance Center.

Australia Pavilion    Brunei Darussalam Pavilion    Cambodia Pavilion    DEVNET Pavilion    IFRC Pavilion    Indonesia Pavilion       

Joint Pavilion of International Organizations        
ASEAN Pavilion    BFA Pavilion    COMESA Pavilion    FFA Pavilion     GEF Pavilion UITP Pavilion    ICOM Pavilion INBAR Pavilion LAS Pavilion SCO Pavilion UCLG Pavilion WWC Pavilion WWF Pavilion          

Life & Sunshine Pavilion    Malaysia Pavilion   MeteoWorld Pavilion   New Zealand Pavilion     Pacific Pavilion      Citizen's Initiative Pavilion      WTCA Pavilion     Philippines Pavilion     Singapore Pavilion     Thailand Pavilion     United Nations Pavilion