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One: the world's largest ecological wall into a "Green Lung"

Been to the Aichi World Expo, I am afraid that will be impressed by the "Life Wall". This green wall such huge that is 150m long and more than 12m high. But in the theme pravilions, there is an environmental wall which huger than that in the Aichi World Expo. An area of 4000 square meters to reach the first of the world. In the Autumn of 2009, the shelf will be installed on the small shrubs of countless planting module. And then after a winter and a spring conservation, until 2010 "May Day", it will be green on both sides of the wall.

Green Wall not only a lanscape but also an important part of the green architecture. In summer, it can use green exterior wall to cut off the radiation, and makes the air temperature of the exterior wall near the surface reduce; in winter, it will not affect the wall to get solar heat and insulating layer can be formed. So that the wind speed decreased to extend outside the life of the wall. It is said that the "Ecological Wall" not only beauty but also has a lot of functions. On one hand, it can reduce light pollution; on the other hand, it also can make the oxygen. So the wall of 4,000 square meters has become a "grenn lung".

Two:  the scale of solar energy applications record

In the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Garden, the solar electrical energy generation can reach 5,000kw. So that it becomes the largest city of Chinese solar application.

It is understood that the Olympic Village in Beijing, after the completion of a 6,000 square meters of solar thermal systems for about 16,000 athletes bathing, annual savings of 2000 tons of coal. Shanghai World Expo to the use of solar power generation, can be said to be a continuation of the spirit of the Beijing "Green Olympics", give full expression to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, green, energy saving and environmental protection concept.

Three: Underground still can wash "sun bath"

Referred to the underground space, mostly are given a impression of dim and depressing. But the " Sun Valley "of the Expo Axis sloves this problem. The "horn" type of appearance, "sun valley" as a "funnel", the surface of glass cover reflective, but through the membrane of the reasonable keep out, achieve the effective shading effect, wonderful conception is a special skill. Conical "sunshine valley" also has rain collection function, the circulation processing of rain can be used for the park toilet, green irrigation water.

In the shaft, six giant cone shape "sun valley" in the distribution of the shaft and central of the entrance. Their unique form can help sunshine lean to natural underground, both to improve air quality, and can save the energy consumption of the artificial lighting brings. The sunshine into the ground, Shanghai World Expo made a bold attempt again.