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Flower and Fruit Mountain Theater

    Flower and Fruit Mountain Theater, locating in the thick forest, is a dazzling stage of the little animals, holding a fairy party on time.

    The crowing rooster, purely white buffalo, the little monkey playing the flute, the parrots that can recognize characters and calculate, mini pigs that can never grow up, black bears that are able to play basketball, supernatural wolf dogs, smart cats and little goats that can stand up almost 20 kinds of animals that children like best will put on performance on the stage to show off their special skills.

Performance by Elephant

    Performance by Elephant is at the center of Xiangjiang. It is the stage of Asian elephants, the national treasure of Thailand.

    As is known to all, the elephant is the largest animal on land. They walk slow and seem to be silly.

    As a matter of fact, the elephant is very smart, the several elephants in Xiangjiang in particular, they can almost do everything.   

    As long as they stand up in a line and do some exercises, the audience will shout again and again.

    Then, they will stand up, sit down and make poses. They can completely understand the commands.

    Here are the most wonderful performances: the elephants can walk across single-log bridge, stand with only one foot, play basketball and football, help others to swing rope, etc. They simply have gifts in many ways.

    In the end, the star elephant, Cowe showed off its unique skill. It offered the tourists a massage. It was very comfortable. Look, the tourists laugh so happily, only to find cold sweat through the whole body and acclaim the elephant for its service.