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Phascolarctos cinereus
    The Australian Park is located at the center of the walking area of Xiangjiang Safari Park, covering 13800 square meters. It was formally opened to the public in July 2006 as the most luxurious animal hotel.
    In the Australian Park, you can not only see lovely Phascolarctos cinereus (koala) and the only koala twins in the world, but also the largest kangaroo in the world  red kangaroo; white kangaroo which is first introduced by Xiangjiang with the largest number of exhibits; aromaius novaehollandiae, or Australian ostrich, whose weight can reach 50kg, and all kinds of precious animals from Australia like Cacatua galerita with beautiful crista on the head.
    In the Australia Park, you can also taste original Australian food, watch plays about koala parents and children, participate in manufacture of native Australian handicrafts on site and experience the particular Australian culture across the other oceans. The special Australian custom will make you forget to go back home.

Tiger Mountain
    In 2010, which is the year of tiger in Chinese calendar, Xiangjiang Safari Park launched Tiger Mountain in a brand-new way. There were 6 tiger species, more than a hundred tigers, which made Xiangjiang a tiger eco-exhibition area with the most tiger species and the largest number of tigers in China.

Performance by White Tiger
    Xiangjiang is a rich and blessed land, where many rare animals in the world have resided and have their babies, which seems to be a miracle.
    There are more than one hundred white tigers, or a half of the world's white tigers in Xiangjiang. They walk across the mountains and waters between the walking and self-drive areas of Xiangjiang. With the training by the most famous animal trainers in the world, these tigers provide the world's most wonderful performance of the greatest scale Kelly Dynasty for tourists.
    Over 30 white tigers took part in the performance. There is a saying two tigers cannot live together in one mountain. However, in Xiangjiang, more than ten tigers work together to climb the golden mountain, trample a ball, jump through a burning circle, and wallow in a group. That the animal trainer performs with them without any tools arouses exclamations and applauses of audience, which represent their best comment on the wonderful performance.
    There are six tiger species including South China tiger, golden tiger, silver tiger, white tiger, Bengal tiger and Northeast tiger living in the 30000-square-meter white tiger mountain. Visitors from all around the world will see the interesting behaviors of tigers in the special function exhibition area, which is first developed by the park.