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1. Time for travel
    The park is open throughout the year. It is recommended to come on weekdays if possible.
    The park is open from 09:30 to 18:00 every day.
    the center of walking area is open from 11:00-18:00
    the time for self-drive trip is 10:00-16:30.

2. Transportation
    For the purpose of saving money, it is advised to go by metro. Take Line 3 and you'll arrive at Hanxi-Chimelong Stop directly.
    At the Exit E, you can take a bus for free at the Chimelong bus spot.
    The free bus of Chimelong will take you to the gate of the zoo (South Gate). It takes 3-5 minutes by bus and about ten minutes on foot.
    Here is the information for self-drive tourists. The self-drive ticket costs 180 Yuan per ticket.
    In the self-driving area, you can drive in one direction. It takes about 1 hour. You can drive slowly and stop to take some photos of animals that you like.
In particular, it is should be noted that the landform of the self-driving area meanders, which requires self-drivers to have a good command of driving. New beginners are recommended to pay attention to the animals around.
    In addition, it is not allowed to get off in the self-driving area. Although there are only herbivores, it is difficult to figure out the characteristics of animals, so it is safer to stay in the trainset.
    It is forbidden to feed the animals in the scenic spot. The animals cannot eat all kinds of foods, but they do not know it.
    The keeper will manage it, and tourists should abide by the discipline. It is advised to take many photos for remembrance, rather than feed the animals, which may cause them to suffer diarrhea.