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Self-drive Scenic Spot

    Xiangjiang Safari Park is the first one in China to adopt the mode of watching animals during self-drive trip. The self-drive area covers nearly 1 million square meters in total. It was built against mountains and with water inside, which forms a unique natural landscape.

Panda Center
    Panda Center is a royal center intended for pandas, covering an area of over 10000 square meters with a setting of mountains and waters, as well as clouds and bamboos. It is divided into two yards, Green Bamboo Yard and Golden Bamboo Yard. There are not only the first class facilities inside the yards, but also outdoor exercises ground outside the yard. It is called the best panda club in the world.

Elephant Park
    On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2008, five Asian elephants were born in Xiangjiang, which is unprecedented in China.
    The birth of the five Asian elephants increased the number of Asian elephants in Xiangjiang from 15 to 20, accounting for 50% of China's Asian elephants.
    In order to present the largest Asian elephant group in China, and bring a better home to the large Asian elephant family,Xiangjiang built a new elephant park.
    The newly-added humanitarian watching mode under the new concept allowed tourists to watch the elephants in a close distance.
    The elephant park has also become one of the most popular exhibition areas.

Small Ryoma castle
    Small Ryoma castle, visitors can see rare  British Shetland pony in earth. In 2012, their journey from the Netherlands 20 British Shetland pony, pony of this "noble" docile temperament, compact shape, most kids love. Castle in the small Ma, Ma are they exclusive "back garden" strolling, Yang Ti trot in a small racetrack. Visitors can close this gentle touch "pet horse" can also be fed their favorite food, forage, Children can even test ride or close this touching gentle pony.

Small Ryoma introduce:
    Horse called pony shoulder height 106 cm, 20 Xiangjiang Wild Animal World in January this year from the Netherlands to introduce the British Shetland pony, the highest only 95CM, the shortest only 74CM, is a veritable "short horse pony. "Because of its rare, but is especially valuable, can be said that the treasure horse, pony and said the world's pony, two origins and the southwest of China.