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African Tribe
    Xiangjiang has introduced 30 precious meerkats from South Africa and will exhibit them for the first time.
    Meerkats living in the grand African plain can stand by their two feet by nature. It seems as if they were little fairies from fairy tales when they are standing forward! In order to welcome the African fairies, the new exhibition area "African Tribe" is open. You will see eurasian spoonbill, black and white rhinoceros, antelope and pygmy hippopotamus, and so on.
    Here you can experience the exotic African custom.

Green Dragon Mountain
   There have been the orientations called green dragon, white tiger, rose finch and black tortoise since the ancient time in China. There is white tiger in Xiangjiang, and surely there is also green dragon.
    In the green dragon mountain, there live the famous second-class protected animal in China giant salamander; in addition, you can get close to and appreciate various owls, which you can only watch from far away at ordinary times; as well as all kinds of squirrels and hamsters, which are very lovely and well received by children! And the most popular is, of course, the animal kindergartens where animal babies go to school.