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Safari park

Panda Buffet

    Panda Buffet restaurant located on the export of the Panda, facing the Panda performance stage, so that visitors can dine while watching the panda theater. The open environment of the restaurant, located in the black bamboo and surrounded a beautiful environment; restaurant tables and chairs for the huge pine logs custom, highlighting the natural ecological theme throughout the meal elegant atmosphere.

    Panda Buffet restaurant is divided into packages regional and buffet area, visitors can set menu or  according to the preferences.

    The buffet price of the Panda Restaurant: Restaurant purchase buffet coupons for: Adults, 68 yuan / person, children under 1.2 meters: 30 yuan / person. Ticket plus the purchase price as follows: Adult 58 yuan / person, children under 1.2 meters: 30 yuan / person.

Cowra restaurant

    Variety of food in the Cowra restaurant . Value sets of the three meal: Garlic chicken with rice, coke salt ribs with rice, black pepper chicken row rice choose from.

    In addition to the sets of rice, but also provide all kinds of exquisite snacks and local delicacies, tasty shells teeth beef meatball, rich flavor of udon noodles, rice fragrant scent of sticky rice, Another point to do smoothness Brad intestine. There is one of your taste.