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Amazon Rain Forest

    Amazon Rain Forest is located off the Amazon River of South America, which is a river of the grandest valley and largest flow.
    This river abounds in water throughout the year, moistening 8 million square kilometers of land and nurturing the world's largest tropical rain forest It is well known as the most mysterious "Kingdom of Life" in the world.

Giraffe Square

    Xiangjiang Safari Park has the largest giraffe species in China. In the giraffe square you can get very close to giraffe and appreciate the elegancy of the highest animal on land.

    Besides, you can also feed the giraffe with their favorite food, green leaves, and take photos with them.

Performance by Fowl

    Since the first nationwide fowl performance debuted in the Spring Festival of 2008, such performance has gone on and become an attractive option to tourists. Over one hundred rare members of fowl become the main roles of the performance, and you can get very close to large fowl like flamingo, pelican, red -crowned crane, eagle and vulture. Parrots, red -crowned crane and golden vulture, being coached and having their special skills, which will satisfy you with extraordinary performance.