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Ho Park

History: The park owner Ho Chih-Dao, his family with the Northern Minister Li, Jia-Nai Emperor Guangxu division three in-laws and common family retreat from his office in Hubei Han Huang Road station on the prime Retirements, Hermitage Yangzhou, nine heavily on good timber construction Guangxu large private residential garden. Architectural layout of the park by the park home, garden stuff, Rock Hill Housing film composed of interlocking, differentiated, Chinese and Western, the two will tour ... View Detail

A park

Four Seasons Park in rockery rockery a well-known compact stack. Rockery Stones approach to sub-peaks, the use of different stones, the performance of four seasons landscape, known as "The Four Seasons rockery," such as the historical garden week four seasons, for domestic isolated cases, is the most unique gardens in Yangzhou of a King. A garden rockery, part of the rock quartet built with Huangshan, there are twists and turns Dengdao hillside, hovering ceiling, which is the Northern School ... View Detail

Ye Spring Garden

Ye Ye Yu Chun that men and women go out to play in the spring called the rule of the spring. Thin strip of West Lake from the south rather than the rule of Spring Garden, lake waterside building with Cao Lu, the ancient Puqing Ya. Viewing lean on a railing, the water ripples. Park is also on display to send tens of thousands of bonsai pots Yang, thousands of colored tail goldfish, and a variety of rare island birds, flowers, even more beauties of springtime. Combination of gardens and Chasi ... View Detail

Da Ming Si

Daming Temple was first built in the Southern Lau due SONG EMPEROR XIAOWU Imperial next period (AD 457 -464 years) of the name. 1500 years, the temple there were many changes in the Qing Dynasty because of taboo "big that" the word, was along the "habitat Ling Monastery," the Emperor Qianlong personally question the book three years of "reform and open net Temple Law Question." In 1980, the Daming Temple restored original name. Zhang Yu Temple front yard with a height of Qionghua trees, lush ... View Detail

Crane Temple

This temple combines the ancient buildings of Islamic architecture and style features. In the construction of the mosque to form by crane from the "mouth" to "tail" layout. The original wall as the wall opposite the door to "picks" (1958 scrapped); Simen is the Tang-style buildings, Qiaojiao archway, as if the crane lifted the first; from the temple gates to the hall, is a narrow curved corridor, the shape of goose';s neck ; hall equivalent crane body. Qi Qiao north and south sides and ... View Detail