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History: The park owner Ho Chih-Dao, his family with the Northern Minister Li, Jia-Nai Emperor Guangxu division three in-laws and common family retreat from his office in Hubei Han Huang Road station on the prime Retirements, Hermitage Yangzhou, nine heavily on good timber construction Guangxu large private residential garden.

Architectural layout of the park by the park home, garden stuff, Rock Hill Housing film composed of interlocking, differentiated, Chinese and Western, the two will tour the home living environment, the Chinese Private Gardens in aesthetic and functional living in this tour achieve a high degree perfect harmony and extreme.

Ho Park a canopy cover of the four Chinese garden art "world first", which featuresThe highest building - to enjoy "the first gallery," the reputation of the 1,500 m complex road corridors, landscape architecture accessible form of benefit changes and circle the beauty of unique gardens in China.

Rock Hill is the first piece the other four rooms of the "world mountain", is painting master monk Stones Shi Tao';s "human only existing copies"; with a string of road corridors in the complex opened on Louchuang, empty window with window flower composition , known as "the first window"; Ho Park pavilion in the water the water is rare in China, the heart of a stage, listening to opera called "the first pavilion."

Ho Park is famous for film and television viewing of the natural base"Dream of Red Mansions", "My Fair Princess" sequel, "Heaven Tears" and nearly one hundred movies and television in this shooting.

Ho Park, also known as Ji Xiao Park, was built dynasty, the Qing dynasty landscape architecture masterpiece, known as the Late First Park. Ho Park as a national key cultural relics protection units, national AAAA grade scenic spot, the first batch of key national landscape.


Xu Ning Gate Street, Yangzhou City, 66

Yangzhou Railway Station take the 26 Road, 22 West Road, bus lanes Yangzhou AutomotiveStation. Take a tour of Yangzhou Qijuxizhan 1, 2,19 bus tour to the Ho Park Station, Xu Ning Gate Street along the northbound 200 meters.

By car: Enter the city of Yangzhou, by the Yangtze River and turn left after passing the ferry Xu Ning folding doors into the street, but also along the along the Grand Canal to the southeast section of the door and fold Xu Ning.


30 per season, peak season (March -5 April, September -11 months) 45. 20 per card with old age, with primary and secondary school students 10 per card, with half fare card with disabilities, withMilitary ID free; free of charge for children under 1.2 m 1.4 m ,1.2-half a vote.

Each guide Ho Park 5 (with 5 others) the following tourist group 50, team of 5 or more charged by the number of visitors, each visitor 10 yuan / person.

Slender West Lake, a park, any park, the Grand Canal, Daming Temple and the bonsai garden ticket 180. Valid for two days, the spots are sold door.