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Daming Temple was first built in the Southern Lau due SONG EMPEROR XIAOWU Imperial next period (AD 457 -464 years) of the name. 1500 years, the temple there were many changes in the Qing Dynasty because of taboo "big that" the word, was along the "habitat Ling Monastery," the Emperor Qianlong personally question the book three years of "reform and open net Temple Law Question." In 1980, the Daming Temple restored original name.

Zhang Yu Temple front yard with a height of Qionghua trees, lush foliage, spring blossoms white jade plate, the "Yangzhou Qionghua, the world is unparalleled" reputation.

Master Jianzhen has presided over the Tang Dynasty temple, pass on about law. Jianzhen Memorial within this Daming Tang Dynasty style architecture, Passed away in 1963 Yearbook 1200 anniversary of true foundation, built in 1973, enshrined in the main hall Xu Mizuo to dry paint on the storage folder Jianzhen produced seated, eyes closed meditation, serene air of determination.

Revision and the west side of Main Hall in the Daming Temple "immortal Old Building", the Northern Song Dynasty writer Ouyang Xiu Prefecture when any construction in Yangzhou. This hall is also linked to the "Merry Wan in", "sat on set month" plaque, hung Lin Zhao Yuan Tong North eaves title "mountains to peace with this church" board. Visitors to this,';s deep feelings spontaneously.

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Is located in Yangzhou city in the northwest peak ShugangIt is built in the ancient temple Southern Liu Song. Great poet Li Bai, Bai, Liu Yuxi, and so have to board composition and for the elephants.

The annual prayer ceremony at the Temple of Yangzhou orientation will be held will be held open the gate, welcoming the park, France will be praying, sprinkling the public welfare body, relics from the tower, bathing Buddha, hit Zhongji Xiang, winning wishful activities such as praying, crowded.


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