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HSBC Building
The HSBC Building has been called "the most luxurious building from the Suez Canal to the Bering Strait". The building has a floor area of 23,415 m2, and was, at the time, the largest bank building in the Far East, and second largest in the world, after the Bank of Scotland building in Edinburgh.

The building exterior adopted a strict neo-classicist design, with a tripartite vertical and horizontal division. In the centre is a dome, the base decorated with a triangular structure in imitation of Greek temples. Below that are six Ionic columns penetrating from the second to the fourth storey. The main structure is five storeys, the central section seven storeys, with one and a half storey for the basement. The main structure has a steel lattice with brick filling, and a granite exterior.

The interior was luxuriously decorated, using materials such as marble and monel. The whole building was fitted with heating and air-conditioning. The main trading hall has four columns hewn from whole blocks of marble, which was at the time unique in Asia.

Behind the main building is a subsidiary building which houses bank offices, safes, and vaults.

Peace Hotel
The Peace Hotel is a hotel on The Bund in Shanghai, China which overlooks the Huangpu River. The hotel today operates as two separate businesses. The North Building, built as Sassoon House, originally housed the Cathay Hotel and is today the Fairmont Peace Hotel run by Fairmont Hotel and Resorts of Canada. The South Building was built as the Palace Hotel and is today the Swatch Art Peace Hotel . The two buildings both face the Bund, but are divided by the famous Nanjing Road, arguably the busiest street in Shanghai.

Yokohama Specie Bank Building
The Yokohama Specie Bank Building, now Shanghai Textile Holding Corporation, is a seven-floor building in the Chinese city of Shanghai and was completed in the 1920s. It was built by architects P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd. (Palmer and Turner).

Former Consulate-General of the United Kingdom
The Former Consulate-General of the United Kingdom building located in Shanghai, China, is one of the oldest buildings on The Bund.

It is housed in a compound that housed a number of buildings used by the British Consulate-General.

The main building on the site appears to be one building but is in fact two buildings. The building that can be seen from the Bund is the former offices of the Consulate-General of the United Kingdom, and the offices of the British Supreme Court for China and Japan. The building and entrance that can be seen from Yuanmingyuan Road is the former court building of the British Supreme Court for China and Japan. The main court was located on the second floor of this building. The photo to the right was taken from the north and prior to the renovations discussed below commencing. The office building is on the left and the court building is on the right.