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     The six-storey Asia Building, also known as Mc Bain or Asiatic Petroleum building, is on the Bund in the Chinese city of Shanghai. It was built in 1916 for

Royal Dutch Shell's Asiatic Petroleum division and later housed the Shanghai Metallurgical Designing & Research Institute.

     Asia Building is located in Yan An East Road of Shanghai Bund, NO.1 Zhong Shan Dong Yi. After the liberation of Shanghai by the

Shanghai Metallurgical Design Institute, generally called "Metallurgical Design Institute Building. And older people still accustomed

to call it the" Asiabuilding ". 7-storey building was the highest level of a building in the Bund, and because they made Zhongshan East

Road house, some people called the Bund"the first floor" that time.