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The bund located in Shanghai along the Huangpu River. It represents the Shanghai landscape and is the necessary visit travel destination in Shanghai. In the late nineteenth century, many of the foreign Banks in Shanghai were known as the "financial street" or "the east Wall Street" of the bund was built. Therefore, the bund became encourage financial investment places. Because the rich historical value, in the bund, it owned a piece of land is not only a symbol of wealth, was the sign of honor.  Because the huangpu beach which from BaiDu bridge to Jinling Road, located in Shanghai residences for county outside of the pu beach,  it was called "the bund".

The Bund stretches one mile along the bank of the Huangpu River. Traditionally, the Bund begins at Yan'an Road (formerly Edward VII Avenue) in the south and ends atWaibaidu Bridge(formerly Garden Bridge) in the north, which crossesSuzhou Creek.

The Bund centres on a stretch of theZhongshan Road, named afterSun Yat-sen. Zhongshan Road is a largely circular road which formed the traditional conceptual boundary of Shanghai city "proper". To the west of this stretch of the road stands some 52 buildings of various Western classical and modern styles which is the main feature of the Bund (seeArchitecture and buildingsbelow). To the east of the road was formerly a stretch of parkland culminating atHuangpu Park. (This park is the site of the infamous sign reported to have proclaimed "no dogs or Chinese", although this exact wording never existed. Further information, including an image of the sign, can be found at the article onHuangpu Park.) This area is now much reduced due to the expansion of Zhongshan Road. Further east is a tall levee, constructed in the 1990s to ward off flood waters. The construction of this high wall has dramatically changed the appearance of the Bund.

Near theNanjing Roadintersection stands what is currently the only bronze statue along the Bund. It is a statue ofChen Yi, the first Communist mayor of Shanghai. At the northern end of The Bund, along the riverfront, isHuangpu Park, in which is situated theMonument to the People's Heroes- a tall, abstract concrete tower which is a memorial for the those who died during the revolutionary struggle of Shanghai dating back to theFirst Opium War.


The Bund is the iconic attractions of Shanghai. It is necessary to tour the Bund in Shanghai, otherwise it means never been in Shanghai. Its overall layout can be five lines to summarize:
1. the exotic building clusters in the Band of Shanghai;
2. the Zhongshan One Road which is made up with 10 lanes has throught the traffic;
3. the green, the sculptures and the fountain in bund;
4. emerging Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone;
5. the Bund Valentine's wall.

     We recommend that you start from the Bund Nanjing Road, walk south along the Bund building, to Yan'an East Road. Through the ground floor on the Guangdong Road, and then boarded the observation deck along the river to the Bund Park returned from Beijing East Road underground channel side of the Bund building .