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2011-01-01 For the future of the Bund

Fromadventurers dise to the global economic center,frominternational hotel to the World Financial Center. Bund,witnessesShanghais prosperity and vicissitudes, how abouttomorrowsShanghai? Who compose the urban future?

From the ten-mile foreign market to the global event,fromhundreds of state buildings to the contemporary Lujiazui.Bund,Shanghais architectural charm enriched with its essence,tomorrowShanghai will continue to move forward, and constantlyrefresh theface of the city.

From the east and west coasts of Bund to its north and southends,historic buildings, city parks, business center, luxurycommercialstreet, Expo, top luxury, Bunds outreach is expanding.But itsvalue has never changed: in the citys most centrallocation, toshow the driving force behind urban development. ahistory ofchanges of the Bund is Shanghais most realisticportrayal of theera.

Greentown Huangpu Bay, dedicated to the creation of man attimes.


Shanghai Bund centuries the former Bank of China "return"

"Shanghai Conservatory of Music Valley "will sing the North Bund


Should the Bund Apply for the World Heritage


Needlepoint scroll "Shanghai Bund night" scene on display


Museum in the Bund of Shanghai: <model homes: 2012 Michael Lin> opening of the exhibition