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Dongfeng Hotel

"Oriental London" is another name of the Dongfeng Hotel, was built in 1910,belonging to the Renaissance building. The appearance, both follow the example of American classicism, but also with reference to the Japanese Empire State Building. So it got this name. Was founded NO.2 on Zhongshan Road, was the most luxurious club in Shanghai - Shanghai Club. The firstfloor was restaurant, and the second floor was the International Seamen's Club, others were the customers' rooms. The entire hotel is fully equipped, beautifully decorated, deserves to be the ideal choice for business accommodation.  Chic triangle used in the building elevator is manufactured by Siemens , dating back over a 90-year history.

Favorable Building

The Union Building is the old name of the favorable building. It is a building on the Bund in Shanghai, China. It is located at No. 3, the Bund (formerly no. 4).

Completed in 1916, the building was used by a number of insurance companies. The six-storey building was the first work in Shanghai of P&T Architects and Surveyors (Palmer & Turner), and was the first building in Shanghai to use a steel structure. The building occupied 2241 square metres, with a floor area of 13760 square metres. Because it had a narrow frontage onto the Bund, the main door was located on the adjacent Guangdong Road.

The building is in Neo-Renaissance style with a symmetrical facade, but with some Baroque style details. The roof features a domed corner pavilion.

In 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army threatened Shanghai. Being unable to indemnify war damages, the insurance companies had their assets frozen. The Union Bank then purchased the building. In 1949 the Union Bank evacuated from Shanghai in the wake of the Communist takeover. From 1953 the building was used by the Shanghai Civil Architecture and Design Institute. In 1997 a private equity fund from Singapore purchased the building, and in 2004 converted it to a shopping centre, called "Three on the Bund".

Nissin Building

Japanese modern western architecture and classical architectural style phase amalgamated is the Nissin Building, it known as the "Japanese-style".  The building is a construction joint venture by the clear Kisen Kaisha Ltd., Japan and the Jews.  It was built in 1925, is located on NO.5 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road, 6-storey building covers an area of 1280 square meters. The bottom three-decorated condensed on the three-classical pillars and carved floral, strong concavity. The entire building facades are affixed with granite block, pavilions and other buildings of the Bund.  The Nissin building by the Huaxia Bank and the Kingdom Industrial Company.

Merchants Bank Building

The Commercial Bank of China, was the Chinese self-financed band in 1897. It is on NO.6 Zhongshan East One Road.  Today it is the seat of the Hong Kong Parkview International Enterprises Limited. The building is a false four-story Gothic architecture. The fourth floor had five levels of spire original cross. The third and fourth small minarets.  The fourth floor of Building is the tip vouchers shaped windows, the first and the second is the flowers of the typical Gothic style window lattice windows.  This building is about to come to the meaning of a century of European architecture is much more than stay in the historic and artistic.  It can be said that it marked the history of China's financial opening page.

Telegraph Building

Situated at 7 Bund (7 No.1 East Zhongshan Road), the construction was set up in 1908 and formerly known as Telegraph Building. It once was the China Merchants Bank Building and The Hospital of Shanghai Changjiang Navigation Company and now it is the site of Bankok Bank Public Co. Ltd., Shanghai Branch. Royal Thai Consulate-General Shanghai is on the third floor of this building that stands with a solemn and splendid manner with each storey installed with classic pillars and windows ornamented with various decorations.