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The herbarium of the South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBSC), was established in 1927 by Chen Huanyong (or Chun Woon-young ), a renowned botanist and academician of CAS.

As one of the three largest and most prestigious herbaria in China, and one of the largest herbaria in the world, IBSC has a collection of more than one million vascular plant specimens specialized in tropical botany, including about 7,000 type specimens. The collection is still growing through programmes of joint work, expeditions, gifts and exchanges with other institutes at home and abroad.

Research programmes at IBSC cover taxonomic and evolutionary studies on mosses and vascular plants, and the conservation of the rare and endangered species in tropical and subtropical areas.

The first English language botanical journal of China, Sunyatsenia, and the first local flora, Flora of Guangzhou were published by IBSC in 1930 and 1956 respectively. IBSC also finished compiling 27 volumes of Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae.

In order to meet the needs of development in science and society, we have been digitalizing all of our collections.