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Longdong Magic Forest

Longdong Magic Forest, consists of two peninsulas (Palm Garden Peninsula and Relic Plant Garden Peninsula) and one artificial lake. It presents a harmonious and delightful picture. On one side, the evergreen palm trees bring the tropical flavors to the scene; on the other side, the bald cypress trees change color between seasons, which exhibits the features of the temperate climates. Both tropical and temperate traits integrate so well and create a varying landscape with the seasons. In 1986, it was honored as one of the "Eight Top Scenic Spots in Guangzhou" and became the most representative scenic spot of SCBG.

A World of Plants

In the overlook view of Guangzhou, four giant kapok flowers bloom quietly in South China Botanical Garden (SCBG).  The "Floating Kapok Flowers" artistically exhibits a mysterious and distinctive scenery of the tropical rainforest of Asia, Africa, America and Amazon River Valley; the Mexican giant cactus (Pachycereus pringlei Britton & Rose) is surrounded by various desert plants from Africa, America, Australia and western China, and thus to construct a splendid desert landscape throughout the world; alpine & subalpine plants with polar plants hidden inside attract visitors to travel in the amazing distant and isolated world; exotic plants circled by the Aqua-forest Aquariums present the marvelous variety and complicacy of the plant kingdom. The four conservatories, Tropical Rainforest Conservatory, Desert Plant Conservatory, Alpine & Polar Plant Conservatory, and Exotic Plant Conservatory & Aqua-forest Aquariums, combining with the surrounding savanna, create a spectacular landscape entitled "A World of Plants". In these conservatories, almost all the typical plants are on show and all the mysteries and fantasies in the plant kingdom are unveiled. The conservatories cover a total area of 7.5 ha and conserve more than 3,000 plant species. It is not only the landmark architecture and the representative landscape of Guangzhou, but also the largest conservatory group in Asia and even all over the world.

Aquatic Plant Garden

The Aquatic Plant Garden has a collection of about 150 species, which belong to 37 families, including submerged, floating-leaved and emerged taxa. The garden provides good bases to acquiring knowledge on wetlands and aquatic plants.

Bromeliad Garden

The Bromeliad Garden covers an area of about 1.6 ha., and there are about 15 genera and 300 species growing in the garden. It is divided into arid section, epiphytic section, hemi-epiphytic section and ornamental section to exhibit tropical scenery with bromeliads as the main plants.

Bamboo Garden

The Bamboo Garden covers an area of about 27.5 ha.. It has a collection of 222 species, belonging to 30 genera. This evergreen, quiet and elegant garden is a wonderful place for bird-watching and rain-listening.

Ginger Garden

Occupying an area of about 7.3 ha., the Ginger Garden conserves and exhibits 300 species of 8 families (Strelitziaceae, Musaceae, Lowiaceae, Heliconiaceae, Zingiberaceae, Costaceae, Marantaceae, and Cannaceae) of the order Zingiberales. This garden is well-known and influential among the global congeneric botanical gardens. Besides, there are some artistic works such as Relief Square, Lotus Lake, and Galangal Pavilion, which integrate the scientific elements with arts perfectly.