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81F ~ 95F
S at 20km/h To
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    Public Transportation: B12, 28,30,39,84,535,534,564 Bus Direct (South China Botanical Garden Station and get off); Tianhe Bus Station, Subway Line 3, get off, turn the above bus. 54,218,46 bus, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chemical Terminus,go straight the road  800 meters is the west gate of South China Botanical Garden Exhibition District.

Parking Information: The main entrance of the parking lot,West Gate parking.

Tour Information;

1.  Opening hours: 7:30-17:30

2.  Admission by ticket. It becomes invalid when the mini-ticket tore down.

3.  Pay attention to hygiene and be civil. Action as follow is forbidden: throw rubbish, sleep on the beech, play or swim in the lake, and any other uncivilized behavior.

4.  Take care of the plants and facilities in the resort. Please do not pick flowers and climb trees.

5.  Please take care of your personal valuables from being stolen.

6.  Inflammable, explosive materials, poisonous substances, other dangerous articles are forbidden. No smoking in non-smoking area.

7.  Pay attention to hiking safety. Take care of disables, elders and kids.

8.  All crimes and illegal acts are forbidden in the resort.

9.  Primary school pupils and middle school students (including technical and vocational school) of Guangzhou are admitted to the garden with "the Rules of Visiting Patriotic Educational Base Instituted by Guangzhou Municipal Government".