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Science information center: the building area of 4063 square meter, including the four themes of the time tunnel, plants and people, plants and the environment, bio-technology to display content, to carry out botanical science showcase. The fog screen movies, phantom imaging, multimedia, touch one machine, advertising machine and other media popular science presentation equipment, specimens,  a number of models.

Interactive science laboratory: an area of 584 square meter, according to requirements of the natural education programs in primary  , construction of plant cloning lab; the Insect Collection of plant specimens studio; plants art room; bio-energy laboratory; electron microscope room; basic biological laboratory . Plant and environmental sciences science experiments and Science subject activities to provide scientific and interactive platform for the primary and secondary schools practice.

Park History Exhibition Hall: an area of 380 square meter,and show the South China Botanical Garden since 1929 to build gardens of historical data and physical data, is to understand the history of the South China Botanical Garden and Park, the history of education places.

Primary and secondary biological Practice Park: 50 acres of area, construction of a succulent planting shed; edible mushroom cultivation room; plant room without soil  ; vine growing areas; Gallery of farm tools and farming culture; food crops, garden rice field practice area; economic The practice of garden crops; vegetable crops practice garden; the Lingnan fruit crop practice garden; horticultural practice area; hands-on practice area and DIY plant propagation nursery; plant morphology and cultural areas; space crop areas. Provide school children with outdoor practical experience of plant cultivation, breeding, horticulture experience.

Celebrity Planting: located in south China botanical garden center near the great lawn, including chairman Zhude planted greengage, vice chairman of the DongBiWu planting greengage, marshal Yejianying the kapok tree planting, Singapore prime minister lee guangyao,  planting red bean in hainan, Chinese academy of sciences, lu yongxiang of planting Michelia chapensis, the standing committee of CCCPC political bureau li changchun of planting Saraca asoca, Cambodia, the king sihanouk of planting Saraca asoca, Thailand her royal highness princess maha chakri sirindhorn of planting Thai mulan, Afghanistan's former king Mohammed  of planting red flowers material .And so on .These celebrities to grow trees for people to set up by focusing on nature and environmental protection good example.