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Riverside Promenade each segment builts seven meters of flood elevation of the body ingeniously. Although it is not catching people's eyes, it plays a substantial function for the rare inundation and protecting Lujiazui regional security. Riverside Promenade along established water platform slopes  of hundreds of miles. Its elevation is 4-4.5 meters, and an average of 3.1 meters MSL river, only more than one meter apart. It is the closest Huangpu river tour platform  so far. This provides for the visitors with the mother river water close close environment.

When people landed from the ferry station of Lujiazui into Riverside Promenade, you can see a huge mushroom stone with eye-catching four words  "Riverside Promenade", it is emotion and powerful. That was inscribed by a famous painter in Shanghai centenarians called Qizhan Zhu in the end of 1993.