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Riverside Promenade has used the levels of three-dimensional design, at the top of the slopes covered with flowers and green grass, people can stand on the spacious platform at a glance the grace of the beauty of Puxi Bund. The huge fountain which constitute with more than one hundred of sprinkler heads installed in lights, and stranged luminescence in the skies at night. Riverside Promenade is a collection of the flood control and wall body, reaches the river avenue, pro level, music fountain and a yacht dock,  and it is called "new bund" in Pudong.

The main attractions in Riverside Promenade: ask this thinking past, happy square, playing with a pearl of Three Springs, listen the backwash and view, heaven and earth to be one, slow and steady wins the race, lover whispering and so on.

On one side of the water platform slopes gradually increased, flowers, shrubs set among the green grass, tall trees and dense create a comfortable  environment for people away from the metropolis. Binjiang avenue also offer the wave type century fountain of 21 group of jets.  The completely transparent sightseeing hall is preserving the shipyard and shipside and a huge anchor which the history of over 70 years. Especially at night, Standing on the the water platform slopes, overlooking the elegant buildings in the Puxi Bund and the moden skyscraper in Pudong is enjoying yourself so much as to forget to leave.