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The southern

The southern of Riverside Promenade (the Fudu Section) is the integration of  the modern architecture art and water square. A fountain of more than 80 square meters, is arranged 21 groups of vaulted fountain that symbolises our country striding towards to the 21 century.  The unique Fountain Square, the sweep water column of the dry type pool in the circus, symbolises oceangoing voyage of development in Pudong.  There are fully transparent scenic Tourist Office and Happy Square where hold  theatrical performances on the riverside. Particularly for people thinking the past time, here is the former site of the original 70 years of history, Shanghai Lixin Shipyard Pier, but it has turned into a tourist pier. Looking at this high iron anchor of disbelief position, people's minds can both return to the past, see now and dream of the future.

The middle

The middle of Riverside Promenade (Eastern Pearl Section) is the wonderful parkland of the whole Podong eastern. This sloping green belt, trees flourish, lawn verdant,azzling flowers in full bloom, the whole landscape seemed patchwork, three-dimensional feeling is very strong. When the Pujiang tide from time to time, you can tread water, to befriend the Huangpu River, feeling a return to natural fun. In addition, there are many spray pools, water walls, open-air music square and other facilities. There is a Water Square in the middle of the water platform slopes. It is consist of the fold the water fountain, Water metope and waterfall. From high to low, three scenes in one take, having a unique style and give a person with beautiful enjoyment.

The northern

There is a big lawn of about 5000 square meters where full of relaxed and happy in the northern of Riverside Promenade. The eastern marina and so on that build no the riverside, is the clever union of artificial and natural, dignified and elegant. On one side of the water platform slopes gradually increased, flowers, shrubs set among the green grass, tall trees and dense create a comfortable  environment for people away from the metropolis. In addition, there are specially crafted to meet the arrival of the new century the great world bronze bell. The aquarium will also be an exhibition of the marine world style sooner or later.