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Vying for an open space in Shanghai, then head to the Pudong Riverside Promenade. Situated near the Huangpu River,it offers the best view of Pudong district. This wide open space is well developed and is excellent for long walks. It offers an excellent view of the city's skyline and development. The entire stretch is beautiful as there are patches of greens at regular intervals. Seating provisions have also been made. There are also food stalls along the way. It is a regular place for several local and cultural events. Shanghai looks even more beautiful by night from the promenade. Come by and watch the wonder.

Along the Huang Pu River in Shanghai City, Riverside Avenue (Bin Jiang Avenue) is 25,000 meters in length and consists of green grass lands, sightseeing paths, and the Riverside Avenue. As one of the favorite attractions for foreigners and local citizens in Shanghai, Riverside Avenue allows visitors to take a nice stroll next to the river and enjoy beautiful views of Pudong and Puxi. Riverside Avenue is a popular touring and leisure spot in Shanghai where people can relax, read a book, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the peaceful riverside environment. The popularity of Riverside Avenue draws many famous restaurants to settle along the riverside including cafes, diners, and ice cream shops. Occasionally, large-scale events and tournaments, such as boat racing, will be held at Riverside Avenue that will bring thousands of visitors from time to time. In order to make more room for more restaurants and scenic spots, the city is recently planning for an extension of Riverside Avenue by 1.1 kilometers.

Other nearby attractions: Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai International Convention Center, Super Brand Mall, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, and Shanghai Natural Wild-insect Kingdom.

Rail transit line NO. 2, bus lines 81, 82, 870, 871, 872, tunnel 3, 4 and 5, 6, etc. In the bund you can take ferry from East Road crossing to Pudong Jinling Dongchang Road crossing. It was cheap and fast, and can also appreciate pujiang scenery.

Tickets for free.

Open time: 8:00 ~ 23:00