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White Lotus Cave

White Lotus Cave also called "carp mouth", is located in the northern of Jidaguan Village. Be famous for " In the old time, there was a buddhist hiding here and planting the white lotus", and built in Qianlong Emperor. It is picturesque scenery, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, and it is also built pavillion, stone bench, barbecue, it is natural beauty charming.It is said that according to legend, there was a red carp practicing in the water. One day after thousands of years ... View Detail

Zhuhai Fisher Girl

Zhuhai is a beautiful seaside city. The statue of fisher girl has become the symbol of Zhuhai, which located at the scenic Xianglu Bay.Fisher girl is very beautiful with a little shy, she stands at the charming Xianglu Bay in an elegant pose, and raising a bright pearl with both hands high in the air, symbolizes Zhuhai's brightness.The statue was designed by a famous chinese sculptor, Panhe. The granite with 8.7 meters high and 10 tons in weight.In the legend, the fairy maiden was so fond of ... View Detail

Agricultural wonders

The Agricultural Wonders, a 4A level scenic spot covering an area of 2,000 mu, is a national agricultural tourism demonstration site. Over 500 kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers are planted here. Besides, theme gardens like Asparagus Garden, Rose Garden, Lotus Garden and Phalaenopsis Amabilis Garden bring tourists great fun. As an eco-tourism attraction, the Agricultural Wonders has received thousands of tourists from more than 110 countries and regions.Address: No.2068, Lvyou Road, ... View Detail


Shijing (rock-view in Chinese) Mountain Park is famous for its rocky landscape and sits in the centre of the city. The highest peak on the mountain is formed of a giant rock, shaped like the horn, nose and mouth of a rhinoceros looking to the sky, which once earned the mountain the name "the mountain of Xiniuwangyue'' (the rhinoceros looking up at the Moon)". The mountain range that falls away behind the eponymous rhino is a rocky menagerie featuring a hawk, a panda, a tiger, ... View Detail

New Yuan Ming Palace

The New Yuan Ming Palace is a park of 1.39 square kilometers, including an 80,000 square meters lake. It features a partial reconstruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, destroyed in 1860 by French and British troops during the second Opium War, which was never rebuilt on its original site.The palace, which was built and opened to the public in 1997, reproduces 18 scenic spots of Old Summer Palace in the same size. Although the total area is just 1/6 of the original Old Summer Palace, the ... View Detail

Lake Shirafuji

Is located in Doumen County, 10.4 sea miles from Macao, the lake of 10 square kilometers, equivalent to twice the West Lake in Hangzhou. Seoul';s famous white leisure rattan farmers Lake Resort (now renamed the white rattan easy to Paradise Lake Resort) on Lake built the white cane is mainly a tourist resort to resort, with hotels, villas hundred seats, more than 3,000 bed sheets.Lake in the White Cane, visitors can rest to enjoy the "living water, water play, eat seafood," the ... View Detail

A total of Paradise

Gongleyuan Garden is leaning on the mountain and near a lake, full of pavillions and trees so that it is a tourist attraction for travller to appreciate the garden features. In the garden, there are many rare tress of hundreds of years. In front of the rural villa, there is a lemon eucalyptus which is dense and towering that as if a beautiful girl. The eucalyptus was planted by Mei Lanfang. In the garden, a Japanese pinus thumbergii part is planting in the garden.In the garden is rich of ... View Detail

Wailingding Island

Wai Lingding Island is located to the south of Hongkong. It is an island town under the jurisdiction of the east district of Zhuhai City. It is 27.5 sea miles away from Macao and the urban areas of Zhuhai to the west, about 35 sea miles from the Shenzhen City to the north, 6 sea miles aways from the Changzhou Island in Hongkong and 11 sea miles away from the Jianshazui harbor in Kowloon. There are fliers and yachts coming and going every day. Wai Lingding Island has a unique style among the ... View Detail

East Australian Island

Dong'ao Island is 30 kilometers offshore, to the southeast of Zhuhai. Among Zhuhai's islands, Dong'ao Island is considered by some to be the most beautiful. The area occupied is 5 square kilometers. The climate is warm, the rainfall is abundant and the vegetation is luxuriant. The entire island completely retains the primitive natural ecological environment such as the south sand bay, the big bamboo bay and the small bamboo bay three sand beaches where the south sand bay is the best. The Chong ... View Detail

Sand fly

Located in the southeast of Gaolan Island in west Zhuhai, Flying Sandy Beach is about 600 meters long and 200 meters wide, flanked by dense subtropical plants. Soft sand, crystal clear blue water and bright sunshine all attract visitors to this spot. There are seven spectacular beaches around the area, including Dameisha Island, Xisha Island, Baisha Island, Xieqian Island, Sanlang Island, Xizhen Island, and Wenzhou Island. Bathing and visitor facilities are soon to be constructed on these ... View Detail