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Gongleyuan Garden is leaning on the mountain and near a lake, full of pavillions and trees so that it is a tourist attraction for travller to appreciate the garden features. In the garden, there are many rare tress of hundreds of years. In front of the rural villa, there is a lemon eucalyptus which is dense and towering that as if a beautiful girl. The eucalyptus was planted by Mei Lanfang. In the garden, a Japanese pinus thumbergii part is planting in the garden.

In the garden is rich of planting resources, some are rare tree species from southeast Asia countries. Park has a famous French mahogany, empress rose; Thailand's transportation; Malaysia foreign traversing cercis chinensis, Syria and ginseng fruits such as heart; But Japan pinus thumbergii part, India rubber and gold-rimmed hang green bamboo are the domestic rare tree species. There is a garden plant agriculture as the shadow cover the banyan, growth in a 2 meters high "mark tower", is called "the rock banyan solitary," for the garden a wonderful scenery. Now, Gongleyuan park is the first rare plants cultivation base, make paradise of set to become rare plants foster, tourism, ecological environment protection and leisure entertainment into a diversified botanical gardens.

Location: Eling Mountain, Tangjiawan Town

Other Bus Routes: 3, 10, 66, 68, 69, 85 (at Tangjia stop)