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Dianshan Lake Scenic Area

The Dianshan Lake, also known as the Xuedian Lake, stretches between Qingpu County of Shanghai Municipality and Kunshan County of Jiangsu Province. It is the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai. Shaped like a calabash, the Dianshan Lake covers an area of 63 square kilometers and has an average depth of 2 meters. Connecting with the Huangpu River and the Wusong River, the lake is abundant in aquatic products. The Dianshan Lake gets its name from the Dianshan Hill lying in the middle of the lake. ... View Detail

Sculpture Park on Lake

Shanghai Sculpture Park is built with the idea of "return to the nature and taste the flavor of art". It has lake zones and green areas with a large area. "Four seasons" can be experienced at the hinterland around the lake. About 50 giant sculptures made by modern artists from all around the world are harmonious with the picturesque scenery, being one obvious characteristic of the park. Picture show, artwork show and car exhibition are held regularly at Yuehu Art Gallery, ... View Detail

Dripping Lake

Dishui Lake is the landmark construction of the main urban areas of Lingang New City, and the design concept is from the master plan of Germanic GMP company: a water-drop from the sky and falls into the sea. The sea is disturbed the surface of the water. The water-drop falls into the sea and forms the Dishui Lake of diameter of 2.5km and area of 5.66 square meters. It is the largest artificial freshwater lake at home so far. In order to improve the water quality of Dishui Lake, there is building ... View Detail

Suzhou River

Suzhou Creek (also called Wusong River) is a river in China that passes through the Shanghai city centre. It is named after Suzhou, a city in neighbouring Jiangsu province which was the predominant city in this area prior to the rise of Shanghai as a metropolis.One of the principal outlets of Lake Tai, Suzhou Creek has a length of 125 km, of which 54 km are within the administrative region of Shanghai and 24 km within the city's highly urbanized parts. The river flows into the Huangpu River ... View Detail

Riverside Forest Park, Pudong Takahashi

Shanghai Binjiang ForestPark (Phase I) was opened to the public on March 28th, 2007. Located in Sancha Port in Gaoqiao Town in the most north of Pudong New Area, where Huangpu River, Yangtze River, and East China Sea converged, Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park presents the unique "Convergence of Three Rivers"geographic landscape in Shanghai, and is the gateway landscape of entering Shanghai from waterway.The programmed area of the Park is 300 hectares, while the opened area with 120 ... View Detail

Wusongkou Wetland Forest Park Gun Taiwan

Paotaiwai wetland forest park is the largest wetland forest park in the city has opened to the public at Paotaiwan in Wusong area of Baoshan District. With a two-kilometer waterfront along the Yangtze River. The park is part of ambitious plans to redevelop Baoshan's riverside parks where the Huangpu River meets the Yangtze.Scenic Area; Shanghai BaoShanNearby Hotels;Bao Steel Group Baoshan HotelNearby Transportations;Bus: No952 Haijiang road station--walk to southwest 15-20mins. No90, ... View Detail

Sea Wetlands

The main geological relics and sceneries of Xisha Wetland Park are 'the geological relic of delta mudflat', 'the geological relic of wetland landform', and the plants, birds and animals of wetland. In total, there are two categories and seventeen typical geological relics. The park presents the geological sceneries of the largest delta island in the world and the ecological civilization living in harmony with nature. From last September, Xisha Wetland began to ecologically import birds, carry ... View Detail

Gongqing Forest Park

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park is the largest forest area of the main features of the park. Park, formerly known as "est nursery", 1986, to Forest Park. Gongqing Forest Park to the main plant landscaping, tree planting 20 million trees and 200 kinds of varieties, together with the hills, meadows, lakes, streams, forests, bamboo and so constitute a natural space full of rustic charm of the deep, forming a "Greenfield Valley, "" Jungle Wilderness "," Tyurin love late "," Water Yingxiu "," Tree ... View Detail

Dongping National Forest Park

Dongping National Forest Park is a forest located on the north side of Chongming Island in Shanghai, China.The park is 12 kilometers from Nanmen Port (the county town), which is connected to Jianshe on the southern side and neighboring Dongfeng Farm on the western and northern sides. Being 1,700 meters long from east to west and 1,400-2,800 meters wide from south to north and covering an area of 3.55 km2 (358 hectares), it is the largest man-planted forest in Eastern China and is also the ... View Detail

East Sheshan Park

The East Hill is 74 meters high and is famous for its bamboo shoots. In spring, there is a bamboo shoot festival. The park will provide tourists with tools to dig out the bamboo shoots, and if you like, you also can take them home to cook the typical Shanghai dish-bamboo shoot stewed with pork.Animals and plants abound on the East Sheshan Mountain. There are wild sika deer, pangolin scales and about 100 kinds of birds. Besides, there are about 2,000 types of plants such as cinnamomum camphoras ... View Detail