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Daning Lingshi Park

Daning Lingshi Park, the biggest green area in the downtown area, is surrounded by a series of cultural facilities such as the Zhabei Stadium and Shanghai Circus World.In the adjacency to Daning Linshi Park situates the Shanghai University.Daning Lingshi Park is located in Zhabei District, Shanghai. It extends to Gonghe Xin Road to the east and Yuncheng Road to the west, and extends to West Guangzhong Road to the north and Yichuan Branch Road (Yichuan Zhilu) to the south. The park, covering an ... View Detail

Jinjiang Park

Jinjiang Park is a modern large-scale amusement park, 32 species of large recreational facilities. Such as single-loop block, monorail, Trojans travel switch, air planes, landing troops, air chair, Lotus plate, foot monorail vehicles, animals, car, bumper cars, the inertia block, flying boats, laser shooting, UFO wheel, variable high-speed skating Road, rock slide, slide 45 degrees C pour surfing, massage pools. Visitors can choose their favorite projects involved in the thrilling atmosphere ... View Detail

People';s Park (Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art)

Administrative cultural center in Shanghai People';s Park, was originally part of old Shanghai race course, after the repeated alterations, and now the People';s Park although not the size of previous years, but trees, water, stone matched. In the reinforced concrete cast a hint of green jungle. Evening, the couple accompanied on this walk, or sharing a family of three grandchildren this weekend is very appropriate. Health Paradise is a oval stone pool, it is a stone pool, because it was ... View Detail

Century Plaza

Century Park is the largest park of the city of Shanghai. It is situated in Pudong New Area. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is located nearby. The park includes a concert stage, and visitors can hire tandem bicycles or cycling-cars to travel through it. The park's landscaping combines British, Japanese, and Chinese gardening styles. Well known places in Century Park include The Lucky Pond, Bird island , and the lotus pond.TransportationCentury Park is best reached by taking Line ... View Detail

Lu Xun Park

Lu Xun was a famous writer of modern, thinker and politician. Lu Xun Memorial Hall was built in 1951, Hongkou Park (now Lu Xun Park.) Exhibit was focused on the performance of the Lu Xun Museum in Shanghai 10 years of social activities and cultural life.Lu Xun's tomb as a national key cultural relics protection units in 1956, when the 20th anniversary of the death of Lu Xun, Lu Xun tomb cemetery re-interment in this country by the million.<SPAN style=""font-weight: ... View Detail

Grand View Garden

The grand view garden is a replica of Daguanyuan,the magnificent garden of an imperial family described in the well-known Chinese novel "A Dream of Red Mansions" by a Qing Dynasty writer Cao xueqin. it consists of a dozen groups of scenic constructions such as Yihongyuan (the happy red court), Xiaoxiangguan (the bamboo lodge), Daguanlou (the grand view tower), Hengwuyuan (the lush grass court), Daoxiangcun (paddy-sweet cottage), Lixiangyuan (the pear blossom court), Mudanting (the ... View Detail

Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden is the biggest municipal botanical garden in China. It has a large collection of thousands of plants, including some rare species. Plants either from home or abroad are nurtured here. First named Longhua Nursery Garden in 1954, it turned into Shanghai Botanical Garden in 1974 and finally opened to the public in April, 1978. Now the garden has an area of 81.86 hectares (about 202 acres). After decades of construction, it has become a comprehensive base combining plants ... View Detail

Guilin Park

Guilin Park locate in Southwest of Shanghai, Guilin rode in Xuhui district. These China Pictures from Shanghai.This park probably isn't worth a special visit but it's a pleasant enough place. It's famous for its spring blossoms, gardens and because it houses the former residence (1932) of the gangster 'Pockmarked' Huang Jinrong. It's now a teahouse. Address: Guilin Road 80,Phone: 021 -64,830,915TicketsTickets for 2 yuan.Opening hours 6:00-18:00. View Detail

Bund City sculpture

The beauty of a city shuold be formed by three parts:architecture,sculpture and afforest among which the sculpture,named the Eye of City,is the most important o ne for the three.The Bund City Culpture Group is composed by the three stainless sculptures: Pujiang Light,Sail and Wind.They located at the green gallery at East Jinling Road.The Pujiang Light has a novelty shape using the combination of vertical water wave and drop which is like the notes at the stave singing for the mother river of ... View Detail

Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park is located in the former French Concession of Shanghai, in Luwan District near Nanchang Road. The park, about 10 ha. in size, is designed in the French style, with a center lake, fountains, covered pavilions, and flowerbeds. Early morning, the park fills with dancers, card players, mahjong enthusiasts, and tai chi solo and group artists. According to Time magazine's Hannah Beech, it is one of the must-see sights in Shanghai.The park was originally named Gu's Park, but during ... View Detail