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West Sheshan Park

There are also many attractions on the West Sheshan Mountain. The Church of Our Lady of Sheshan is the biggest church in Southeast Asia as well as the landmark architecture of Sheshan Mountain. The Sheshan Observatory is one of the earliest and largest observatories in China. The Astronomy Museum is a National Science Education Base. The Seismographic Station is one of the earliest institutes for earthquake research. The tower on the hillside is also one of the famous historic monuments of ... View Detail

National Forest Park in the Gulf

In the vast forest ecology forest shower bath, but also to enjoy the forest riding, lake cruises, forest BBQ, play equipment, go-kart on the dash. Park on the mountain rolling sea of dark green forests, meandering river deep, sparkling sea, the birds fly, Woodside street lush vegetation, colorful, is a natural oxygen bar.Shanghai Bay National Park south of Hangzhou Bay, adjacent to the Fengxian Bay Tourism Area, planted more than 350 kinds, as many as 580 acres of water area, forming a nearly ... View Detail

Sun Yat-sen Former Residence

In the west of Fuxing Park, Xiangshan Road 7 (the original Moliere Road 29), there is a quiet residential European gardens, from 1918 to 1924 Sun Yat-sen and his wife Soong Ching Ling lived here. The display room by the year 1956 as is layout of Soong Ching Ling, mostly original. Here is the Sun Yat-sen';s thought from the old democratic transition to democratic witness, is the first KMT-CPC cooperation initiated and preparation of the Department. Sun Yat-sen famous "Sun Theory" and "business ... View Detail

Longhua Martyrs Cemetery

Comrade Deng Xiaoping wrote the park by the name of the Longhua Temple Longhua Martyrs Cemetery in the west, a national key cultural relics protection units and key protection units of the building to commemorate the martyrs. Here the original site of the KMT and Longhua Songhu garrison headquarters die a martyr to the revolutionary martyrs. After the liberation, as a revolutionary martyr memorial to be protected, in the early 20th century, 90 Martyrs merged with the Shanghai building. July 1, ... View Detail

Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling

House front of the house is a large lawn, surrounded by green camphor trees all year round, quiet and elegant environment. The bottom is the former residence hall, living room, restaurant and library in.Display in the hall of Comrade Lin Boqu presented to her "Bainiaozhaofeng" stone landscape ornaments and paintings donated by foreigners. Living room is small, but clean, simple, elegant, flowers arrayed on the table, and temperament commensurate with the hostess. Middle of the north ... View Detail

Former Residence of Lu Xun

Lu Xun in October 1927 from Guangzhou to Shanghai, to October 19, 1936 death of a whole life in Shanghai for 9 years, he has also lived in Qiujiang Sanin Road King Wan in the Continental Village and 9, and often go Uchiyama Bookstore, has repeatedly been Hongkou Park, and even some people thought the death of Lu Xun, Hongkou Park should be renamed as Lu Xun Park. Therefore, the tomb of Lu Xun was the cemetery of nations moved from Hongkou Park in October 1956, the twentieth anniversary of the ... View Detail

The former residence of Ma Bo

Ma Xiangbo, also known under his style Ma Liang, was a Chinese scholar and educator during the late Qing dynasty and the Republic of China.The former residence of Ma Bo was located in the Sijing Zhen and open in 2003. The former residence was Simple quietly elegant. On the both sides inside the hall hunged Mao's life experience and characters and relevant pictures, was showing his plain and great life.Address: No.358 Kaijiang Middle Road Old Sijing Street Sijing Town SongjiangTraffic: Take ... View Detail

Song Qingling Mausoleum

The Song Qingling Mausoleum is a place for memorialize a great female politician and Philanthropist of China. Actually, Song Qingling's tomb is located in a quite and peaceful garden, but she is memorialized in the Song Qingling Exhibition Hall straight ahead from the main entrance, which itself looks like a Chinese Imperial tomb. This green and well-tended park is excellent for a stroll and for escaping the relentless Hongqiao skyline. Song Qingling herself is interred in a low-key tomb, but ... View Detail

Huang Yan House

A native of Chuansha County in Shanghai, Huang Yanpei (October 1, 1878--December 21, 1965), character Renzhi, was one of the greatest patriots and democratic educationalists in modern China and the founder of China League of Democratic Political Groups (now renamed as China Democratic League). Huang's parents died when he was young and he lived with his grandfather till he grew up. Huang studied at Nanyang Public School (now Shanghai Jiaotong University) in 1901 and Cai Yuanpei, the well-known ... View Detail

Brief Introduction to the House

The Zou Taofen Memorial, located at the former residence of Zou Taofen in Shanghai, is a museum in memory of Zou Taofen (1895-1944), a Chinese correspondent, political commentator and publisher. The memorial was opened to the public on November 5, 1958, the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Zou Taofen's birthday. The memorial is composed of two parts, Zou Taofen's former residence and the auxiliary display. The former residence is the place where Zou Taofen lived and worked in the ... View Detail