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                        Christian DongShan Hall
Located in Sibeitongjin, it is known as a famed Christian church. Its architectural style is streamlined, simple but impressive, rather than classical and complicated. It still remains unknown exactly when the church was erected, whether in 1920s or 1930s. Inside the church, there exists the exclusive religious college.

Guangxiao Templ
Located in Guang-xiao Road, it is known as an ancient and the largest temple in Guangzhou. An old Chinese saying goes, "Guangxiao Temple emerged before the city of Guangzhou came into being". The temple has gone through centuries changes and used to be named as one of the top 8 scenic spot in Song Dynasty.

Six Banyan Tree Temple
Located in the Six Banyan Tree Road, it is one of the four major Buddhist bases in Guangzhou. "Liu Rong" (or six banyan trees) was written by the famous calligrapher Su Dongpu in Song Dynasty, hence the name Six-Banyan Tree Temple.

Giant Buddha Temple
    Located in Huifu Road, it is known as Xinzang Temple, then expanded and renamed as Long Cang Temple in Ming Dynasty. The 3 Buddha statues are the largest ones of their kind, thus the temple was called Giant Buddha Temple.

Saint Guangta Temple
Located in the Guang-Ta Road, it is known as the earliest mosque emerging in China after Islam was introduced into China. It is called Guang-Ta Temple, or Saint Guang-Ta Temple, which was initially established in the ancient Tang Dynasty.

Sacred Heart Cathedral
    A renowned Catholic church is located in Yi-De Road, known as the largest dual-steeped Gothic stone structure in China. It is also called Stone Chamber as it was constructed of granite.