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Orchid Garden
    The garden is located on Jiefang Road North. It is specialized in planting and displaying orchid bonsai. It is serene inside and the fragrant of orchid flower. It is a relaxing garden feeling like a fairyland. There are precious plants everywhere in the park. There are over 100 kinds of orchid and 10, 000 bonsais. Besides, there are over 4, 000 rare and precious flowers.

Dongshan Lake Park
    Dongshan Lake Park, located in the southeast of Donghu Road, is one of the four artificial lakes of Guangzhou. Efforts are made to build it into a park with scenes of natural beauty, such as greenery backdrop and tranquil lakes. The park is no doubt an ideal place for entertainment for the visitors in a prosperous city.

Liuhua Park
    Liuhua Park is located in Liuhua Road with adjacency to Liuhua Bridge and Liuhua Lake. It used to be "Fangcun Garden "(a famous imperial garden) in Southern Han Dynasty 2000 year ago. Through decades of renovation, it has been turned to an artificial lake park. There is an island in the middle of the lake, which becomes a protection zone for aigrettes, the rare "heaven of birds" in the downtown area.

Lu Lake Park
    It is a large gardening park comprising of mountain and lake. The park looks beautiful and green with mountain as background, birds singing and flowers blooming. The scenery is amazing in spring and autumn. The woods here are consisted of horsetail pine, Taiwan eucalyptus and bamboo. The main attractions are Jufang Garden that covers an area of nearly 400, 000 square meters, and Xinhai Garden for commemorating the great musician of China Xinhai Xian.

Yuexiu Park
    Yuexiu Park is one of the earliest parks in Guangzhou and is a large-scale comprehensive park. Early back to Nanyue State of Western Han Dynasty, Yuexiu Mountain had been the place of interest for people at that time. Now Yuexiu Park is fulfilled with the thriving life and green charms of subtropical area, like spring all year round with undulating hills and jade green trees.

Guangzhou Zoo
    It lies in Xianlie Road middle. Built in 1958, the zoo serves as a comprehensive area for display, study and leisure. Inside the zoo, animals are living in the natural or semi-natural environments that are suitable for their natural instinct, creating the most harmonious relations between human and animals. There are alien rare species like giraffes, antelopes and white rhinoceros. There are also domestic rare animals like panda, golden monkey and South Chinese tiger (which is under national category protection).