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The Dongdu Gourmet Street
    Characteristic: Snacks in Sichuan and Hunan Style
    Address: Huanshi Road East
    The Dongdu Gourmet Street is located in the busy commercial area. It is the busiest catering and commercial street, providing all kinds of foods and business services such as training, gym, leisure, and entertainments. The restaurants are characterized by the tasty food, amiable environment, fair price and different styles.

Huanshi Road East International Business & Catering Area
    Characteristic: middle and high-end food
    Address: Huanshi Road East
    Huanshi Road (E) International Business & Catering Area is surrounded by numbers of luxury hotels and office buildings, creating a foundation of being a high-end catering. There are more than 300 restaurants, providing dishes in local and foreign style. The different styles are from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, France, Thailand and different provinces of China.

The Liuhua Gourmet Street
    Characteristic: Cantonese Food mainly
    Address: Intersection of Panfu Road, Renmin Road (N)
    The Liuhua Gourmet Street is based on the surrounding office buildings, China Export Commodity Fair, and together with the beautiful environments of Liuhua Lake Party and Yuexiu Park. The restaurants are famous for their traditional Cantonese dishes and other high-end dishes. It is outstanding in presenting the dishes in color, aroma, taste and integrate these elements into the catering environment.